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Treestache query (Or.. 'How I now feel like I'm a true long term player!')

I'd seen noted somewhere that Treestache was going to be available during this event, however I haven't seen it...

It seems to have been bundled with Magic Act Milhouse, which I had been given for free in a previous THoH event...

Have I now been playing long enough to encounter for myself, one of those 'bundling issues'? (I'm not going to drop the 'M' word here as it's still sore with some people)

You know, the thing that infuriates a lot of long term players of this game, where they would love to be able to complete a collection they couldn't previously for whatever reason... but can't...

For the record, I would like to have him, but I'm not going to start bugging EA or anyone to have it added to my game, I'm just musing :smile:


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