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Can’t add neighbors

I’m unable to add new neighbors. Please fix this problem.


  • I’m unable to add new neighbors. Please fix this problem.

    My neighbors have been gone for more than an day. I emailed EA.
  • Same here, can't add anyone new :(
  • MYA1364
    2 posts New member
    so it's not just me?
    i started playing a week ago but i can't add anyone from the friends forum
  • Same here cannot add new friends =( send help please!!
  • Same things happening to me
  • I came back to the game last week and decided to start over and I am having the same issues. Emailed EA and they said they are fixing it but it seems to be taking ages.
  • I have same problem too(
  • I am also having the same thing happen to me when I try to add a friend. Or when a friend tries to add me I don't get the request ( because I watched my friend search for my name, found it and tryed to add me but it just wasn't letting it happen). At least I know I'm not the only one.
  • I'm unable to add OR remove friends. Can you remove someone that's inactive? Also, I noticed that the tiny thumbnail avatar images are not loaded. I don't care about that but I'm sure it's related.
  • By the way, I have tried removing the game from my Android phone and re-installing it. A lot of hassle for nothing. Works exactly the same as it did. I'm pretty sure one of the holiday updates broke all the friend functionality.
  • Slegi420
    2 posts New member
    Please EA bros fix adding friends :(
  • Slegi420 wrote: »
    Please EA bros fix adding friends :(

    I also can't add or remove neighbours nor does it appear can anyone else add me, I suspect that the game programmers at EA will eventually fix the issue but I suspect that it's not a priority as the neighbour part of the game is no longer of major importance to playing of the game anymore (but it's nice to see how different players have designed their Springfield, give you ideas to design from yourself and see what items you don't personally have look like).
  • Aw dang, waiting on EA to fix anything is basically waiting on the sun to explode. I have this problem too, but when I was looking for solutions, all I found was help forum threads from back as far as 2013 for this problem... At least I have friends added from before it stopped working, I guess...
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