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Wolffcastle quest issue

Try putting the Burns mansion in your inventory. If that doesn't work, try doing the same with Wolfcastle's mansion.


  • gregbuc350
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    Thanks. But Cletus as a trigger.. Shazam!! Who woulda thunk it?
  • Neozone795
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    cl891 wrote:
    Sahl908 wrote:
    Wolfcastle Questline
    Credit goes to ChrisP530.

    Now With Extra Hype Make Wolfcastle Promote Planet Hype (skipped if you do not have Planet Hype)
    Celeb-o-mania Pt.1 Build Wolfcastle's Mansion (Quimby Triggers)
    Celeb-o-mania Pt.2 Make Wolfcastle Exercise
    Egoin' Crazy Part 1 Make Krusty inflate his importance(6 hours) (Krusty Triggers)

    Egoin' Crazy Part 2 Make Brockman record eye on Springfield(12 hours)(Brockman triggers)
    Celeb-o-mania Pt.3 Make Mr. Burns Hide Nuclear Waste (Burns Triggers)
    Climbing Up the D List Part 1 Make Wolfcastle Shoot show at Cletus's Farm(12 hours) (Cletus triggers) Cletus- Yokel it up at farm, (12 hours)
    Climbing up the D List Part 2 Make Wolfcastle shoot show at El Chemistri(Wiggum Triggers)
    Climbing up the D List part 3 Make Homer Eat Famous Guatemalan Insanity Pepper(12 hours)
    Celeb-O- Mania Part 4 Make Wolfcastle Pose(8 hours) Make Krabappel Go For a Smoke Break(3 times)(10 min) (Skinner triggers)
    Egoin' Crazy Part 3 Make Brockman Create a Viewtube Video(4 hours). (Brockman Triggers)
    Egoin' Crazy Part 4 Make Wolfcastle Go in for a Closer Inspection of his laces (36 hours) (Wolfcastle triggers)
    Celeb-O-Mania Part 5 Make Carl drink at Moe's(8 hours). Make Lenny Drink at Moe's(8 hours) (Carl Triggers)
    Climbing Up the D List Part 4 Build Pimento Grove. Make Wolfcastle Shoot Show at Pimento Grove(12 hours). Make Moe **** Patrons at Pimento Grove(12 hours) (Moe Triggers)
    Climbing up the D List Part 5 Make Marge Walk Maggie (8 hours) (Bart Triggers)
    Celeb-O-Mania Part 6 Make Wolfcastle Appear on a Talk Show (1 hour) (Smithers Triggers)
    Celeb-O-Mania Part 7 Make Wolfcastle Relax in his Mansion (24 hours) (Wolfcastle Triggers)
    Climbing Up the D List Part 6 Make Wolfcastle Exercise (4 hours) (Wolfcastle Triggers)
    Egoin' Crazy Part 5 Make Wolfcastle Shoot Action Footage (12 Hours)(Wolfcastle Triggers)

    Thanks :) I didn't realise they weren't linear
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