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Is this the way to get Monorail in 2019

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I need your opinion and help.
I'm trying to get Monorail Station. So far I have collected 8 pieces of Track. All that I can do is to collect junk, and when I reach 2000, I trade them for blueprints.
I get between 45 to 50 blueprints, and so far I have collected around 3200 blueprints.
Then the game lets me to open Dilapitated Rail Yard and collect prizes (Track Pieces or Station Pieces).
But, on the prize list, I can't see Railstation, only monorail pieces and station pieces. The final prize is Rail Yard with Sebastian Cobb.
Is this the correct way to get monorail or not.
I've search other topics and guides, non of those matches my gameplay.
Besides, I don't have Plastic depot, Metal depot nor Glass depot.
I'm also at the level 107.


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