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Been gone for so long, like a new game again

I used to play multiple times a day and was on here frequently and then I just stopped. Now I'm back and it feels like a new game again. It's been about 4 years, what did I miss?


  • Hello. Obviously you missed a lot of events, and a few major changes to the game, including bringing KL into the primary playing field. You've also missed a significant decrease in designer input from EA, meaning most new events follow a somewhat boring 4 part routine. But the addition of random mystery boxes has allowed us to buy up many premium features.

    These days it's a significant commitment to forgiving crashes and still playing. I hope you have the patience and persistence to actually enjoy playing. If it feels like a new game, you are doing way better than the rest of us who have been whining about how much it sucks now. Hopefully it'll take you a long time to recognize this.
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