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What have you done with Abe's in Toyland Christmas event stuff....

Up and ready for your designs.
Here have a banana!!


  • bseg3hlxco2x.png
    Couch gag gingerbread is nice in the Simpsons backyard.
  • bseg3hlxco2x.png
    Couch gag gingerbread is nice in the Simpsons backyard.

    Just got it and its a nice decoration.
    Here have a banana!!
  • hoping the last set of prizes help complete this area:

  • Went ahead and set my England area back up for some of the new items.

  • Castiel_Touk
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    edited December 2019
    Here's my Christmas area so far
    My British area:
    Here have a banana!!
  • Next designs:
    Here have a banana!!
  • 7oc8it4t7dj0.png

    Still designing, which is hard with the snow but here's a start.
  • I recently stored my Itchy & Scratchy Land to build a Christmas village from items in previous Christmas events. I got a Christmas market, gingerbread village, ice village, and north pole village so far but it will probably eat up the item limit by the time I've finished with it.
  • dnxziwd634v0.png
    Fallen Diva apartments. Thought it would work with my retirement home district.
  • I guess this is done for now. I wish we had been able to purchase more police call boxes and those English telephone booths but oh well

  • Here's what I done with most of the prizes. I plan on expanding my London area once I have more land (whenever that will be). Some of last year's buildings work really well with this year's buildings. Rita's apartment was surprisingly easy to design.


  • PotBellyPigeon
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    edited January 2020
    Some more winter designs which are mostly last year's items with one prize from the event in it. I would really like to see another chocolate or gingerbread building added soon so that I can put another one in my gingerbread village.

  • Here's another design and probably my last from the event even though it ended 2 weeks ago and the only new items I used were the elves. I made an ice village using the items that can go on the ice tiles which is a shame that the Igloo Mansion can't go on the ice, I was initially going to make an ice garden with the snow Simpsons and ice sculpture where I have King Winter's Cave. I also made a ski resort using the inns from last year and the year before along with the ski lift.
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