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experiencing lots of lag in my town

got tons of characters and buildings


  • got tons of characters and buildings

    Have you received warnings about the amount of items in your Springfield? Are you close to the item limit? How old is the device you are playing on? Do you have a lot of unnecessary items on display in your town? Did the lag only appear with the recent update or did you suffer from it before?
  • Turn off all uneccesary animations, Krustyland rides, unhook monorail stations, store uneccesary landscaping and buildings that don't pay anything, don't do a lot of new landscaping? Check the settings on your device (how much room it has, and how much has been used) try turning off uneccesary APPS on your device. The less things that are being used on your device, the more room you have to properly run the game. The less things you have in your Springfield, the better it will run.
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