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Christmas 2019

I finished ‘Claus & Son Pt.5’ on Sunday night - now the game has just ceased to continue!


  • Events are usually 4 weeks long with each part starting on Wednesdays
    Abe's in Toyland(Winter 2019) Event Info
    Event Starts at 1500 GMT 11 December 2019
    Act 2 Starts at 1500 GMT 18 December 2019
    Act 3 Starts at 1500 GMT 25 December 2019
    Act 4 Starts at 1500 GMT 1 January 2020
    Event Ends at 1500 GMT 8 January 2020
    In Game Discussion there is an Event Walkthrough that is pinned. On page one will be the current event check under the dates listing
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