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Can't play game, characters stuck in daily tasks for over a week!!!

Every time I go in, 256 character are stuck in "Check out the latest promotion" which was a daily task over a week ago......I click on "the thumb" as tasks have completed....money received and they all go back into the task again......
Death is required for "A foggy London Christmas Pt. 1" but he is still busy in the above task......
This has happened before briefly but not for this length of time.....reported this as a bug over a week ago :|


  • Store the building, then replace in your town, that should solve it.
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  • I have the same problem. They are stuck in a Daily task, “Buy Milk”, and I can’t get them out.

    I tried to delete the game and reinstall but that did not fix it. Every time I exit the game and come back in, I can click them and collect the money and XP but then they all go right back in. If I go visit someone else and come back I can click and collect the $ and XP, but the characters all go right back in again.
  • Muhsterino,

    Well, that did fix it. Sort of. Now all the people are standing at the exit point doing their new task. No one is moving.

    Well, it’s better than it was I suppose. Thank you.
  • @waynemccormi Try storing the building going to the friend screen and then back to town. Then replace the building. Seems like you need the sync there in the middle to break it.
  • Got,it. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the replies....just logged in to post the remedy but didn't realise there were replies......yes the remedy is to store the building and put it back out again.
  • Also, if you did the recycling of Plastic or Glass? Forget it. its huge bug they don't fix.
  • I've tried to store the building but the game keeps crashing before the building is stored. Now what do I try?
  • @BCWard006520 Make some free space on your device, 4-5 gigs. Clear your cache and reboot your device. If it happens again, deactivate your monorail by moving the stations just a bit or storing them temporarily. Reboot again and try again. Let me know if that helped at all.
  • @BCWard006520 Another possible idea - do you scroll around your town to the building they are in, then try to store it? If you do, try going into build mode as soon as your town loads then move to the building.
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  • thanks all, got out and can play again
  • @BCWard006520 would you mind telling us what worked? It could help someone else out.
  • moving the building around some and a surprising bit of luck on being able to clear the characters
  • I have the same problem, but is it a problem?

    Allow me to explain. I have a large group of characters (250+) that have been stuck in a daily job ("check out promotion at Krusty Burger") for over a week. That's bad.

    But not too bad. You see I'm a level 939 player and I level up every time I accumulate a million XP points. And at level 939 you get free donuts every time you level up. Each time I tap the "thumbs up" icon on the characters at Krusty Burger I collect a little more than half a million XP points.

    So here's my dilemma. Almost all of my characters are stuck in a loop and I can't play the game normally. But I get free donuts. A lot of free donuts.

    But what can one do with a limitless supply of free donuts? I like to purchase "multipliers" like the Burns Limo. It's a real bargain at 40 donuts, but you get a 10 donut rebate. And more importantly it grants an extra 2% on all jobs! That may not sound like a lot but it really adds up, especially if the XP Collider is running.

    It's a simple process: 1) tap the thumbs up icon; 2) now jump to the other Springfields; 3) as soon as you get to your friends Springfields return to your Springfield. It takes less than a minute to do this cycle.

    The last time I checked I was earning 520,360 XP points every time I complete this cycle. I go through the cycle as long as I can stand the monotony. Usually long enough to amass enough free donuts to purchase another multiplier.

    It took me a little while to realize I should be purchasing multipliers with the free donuts. I'd been using them to acquire characters and buildings. But since then I've purchased 22 Burns Limos and 6 Old Gray Mares using my free donuts.

    I guess I'm just a little curious to find out how far I can take this. How many more multipliers will I need to earn a million XP points per cycle? What happens when I start making more than a million XP points per cycle? How long will it take before all the free electrons in the Universe are consumed? Could this mean the end of the world as we know it.

  • BTW, I finally tried the fix posted previously. I put the Krusty Burger in storage and the characters all got sorted out. Everybody’s back at work. No more free donuts.
  • purplonyon
    2 posts New member
    Trying to help my husband since he sent a lot of characters to do the daily challenge, now if he tries to tap on the thumbs it locks up. I tried storing the building it locks up. So not sure how to release them. Please help!
  • 1EllieG7294
    1867 posts Member
    edited March 9
    Not sure what you mean by locks up.
    The usual is to store the building go to friends screen and back and replace. Might try a reboot before replacing. Making sure your device has 4-5 gigs of free space could help.
    Let me know if it helps.
  • purplonyon
    2 posts New member
    So when I say it locks up, I mean it won't do anything. So I have tried to store Androids Dungeon and it then comes up with a message that Comic Guy will be stored as well and then comes up store or cancel and that is where it locks up. If I try to hit the thumbs the screen locks up as well. I deleted stuff off of his ipad to make sure there is enough space and powered the whole thing down as well to see if that helped. So far no luck.
  • If your husband has an account, try uninstalling. reboot device. Make sure you have 4-5 gigs of free space. Reinstall. Do not play until it is finished downloading, even though it says you can.
    Make sure you have the login info and try to get the Mayhem ID before you do this.
    DO NOT DO THIS if he is playing anonymously.
    If that doesn't help, you should contact EA Help directly
    You can contact EA Help using the Help option in-game, through https://help.ea.com, or by messaging EA Help on Twitter or Facebook.
  • KLmaker
    749 posts Member
    krusty1235 wrote: »
    BTW, I finally tried the fix posted previously. I put the Krusty Burger in storage and the characters all got sorted out. Everybody’s back at work. No more free donuts.

    I'm nowhere near your level and I don't understand when you say, No more free donuts.
    If you are now sending them on other jobs, you will still be earning $ and XP and subsequently donuts, wouldn't you?????
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