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Holidays of Future Past: Changes (Update: 1/16)

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January 16th Update (Holidays of Future Past Patch 1)
  • The text for the quests now identify correctly if the user has the future versions of the characters or not and uses their name instead of their presents'.
January 14th Update (Holidays of Future Past)
  • The app icon and the splash screen were changed back to normal.
  • The whole game was changed back to normal and the winter wind was removed.
  • Zia Simpson's description was changed form "From Season 3, Episode 7 "Treehouse of Horror II"" to "From Season 23, Episode 9 "Holidays of Future Passed"".
  • Marge's Clean-Up the House job was changed to Clean Up the House.
  • Jiff and Skippy was added to the characters that can Moonjump.
  • A possible bug with Abbey not showing up in the Characters inventory screen was fixed.
  • Homer's Dream House's build time is now 6 seconds instead of 4 hours.
  • President Lisa, Zia Simpson and Jenda are now premium.
  • In The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 4, the job Receive a Blackmailing is now required only if Kent Brockman is unlocked.
  • Zia Simpson's job Stay with Her Mom can now be done at Brown House too.
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  • And yet still, after all these years, the snow still remains in one place - on the "Where's Maggie? Guide" screen if you tap the "?" symbol on the Playdough Factory.
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