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Do you have a nice town?

I'm looking for active players with nicely designed towns. I'm a long time player who loves the design aspect of the game, it's the most important thing to me. I have a large, fully designed town. I love looking around other towns to check out cool designs. If this sounds like you then send me an invite, username same as EA name, Mi33_Conduct. Happy Tapping!


  • Danematic17
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    edited January 24
    Add me : danematic17 daily player.
    Everyone gets added back.
    If your not a daily player please don't add me.
  • Appleyez
    4 posts New member
    Mi33_Conduct, you have the most amazing springfield!! i gaze at all the sweet little things you have throughout over and over and over searching for your golden goose reality. i still haven't found it! how did you get all the land if you don't have it? oh yeah, and will you marry me?
  • @Appleyez :) Ha ha thank you so much! What a lovely comment, made my day! It makes me so happy to know that you have been looking around my town. To find the Golden Goose realty: From your starting position at the Simpsons house, head West towards the mountains & stop when you see them > head North (away from the sea) until you get to the Zoo > the Golden Goose Realty is pretty much in a straight line East (away from mountains) from the Springfield Zoo entrance, After The Hungry Hun, it's next to the little church & Springfield Preparatory School. Good luck!

    My Golden Goose doesn't give me land tokens any more as I have all the land. I wish there was more land & more items allowed, I'm getting close to the item limit.

    Thanks again for your lovely comment. Happy Tapping!
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