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screenshot help?

the better way is to get someone else to do that for you


  • MyNoNoSp0t
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    edited July 2013
    ha, yea. this is true. any takers ? :lol:
  • iComeFromCows
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    edited July 2013
    MyNoNoSp0t wrote:
    ha, yea. this is true. any takers ? :lol:

    You could be waiting a while. In the meantime eat more chicken
  • Sonos1982
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    edited July 2013
    windows 7 has a very good photo program for this, im making mine right now. the photos are being transferred over BT as I type this.

    Just take as many over laping photos as you can stomach. stuff that looks similar will need unique objects in them. last time I did it there was only a very small glitch and I think this time I took enough photos where it wont be an issue
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