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Black History: Changes (Update: 2/28)

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February 28th Update (Share the Magic)
  • No changes were made.
February 5th Update (Black History)
  • The app icon and the splash screen were changed to new ones for the event.
  • For the duration of the event, Hibbert Family Practice, Springfield Buddhist Temple and SWAT Van can be unlocked at level 5.
  • Clarissa Wellington, Abraham Simpson I and Bully Boss can now Moonbounce.
  • Empty-Nest Marge and Retired Homer were changed from the Oldies to the Senior character group and is no longer in the Regular Character character group.
  • A possible bug where Holidays of Future Past's questline was not completable after the event ended was fixed.
  • The Lofts at Springfield Elementary had its XP value on unlock and its group Misc Cash removed.ì
  • Krusty Burger was redesigned with a better sign and orange window and door colors.
  • The copyright year was updated to 2020.
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