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4j3k's Springfield Heights 2.0

Hi tappers!

I've just finished my complete redesign of Springfield Hts. This time around I made it with more exclusive neighborhoods, fancier resorts, and an ultra-high end shopping district.

Here's the complete skyview:

And here's the breakdown of its 'hoods n' districts:


The Beachfront Strip is a row of large resorts, highlighted by the Promenade Walk which people can stroll to view the beach. It includes the Pier Resort, the SH high-rise condos, the Yacht Club & Marina, Smooches at the Beach (a fave with the Senior crowd), and the Classic Villa Resort. Nearby are popular beach-style tourist shops and restaurants. (Who loves hand-tossed pizza?)

The Pier Resort
The Pier at this fine resort includes ultra-exclusive entertainment options, like the Open Air Opera and rental wave runners. Or you can just relax and watch the water. Of course, there is free satellite wi-fi across the entire pier and resort. Valet parking is complimentary.

The Yacht Club
The Yacht Club offers exclusive access to the Marina. The deck is available for private parties. Membership is required.

The Classic Villa Resort
The CV Resort features beach-level private suites and patios with spectacular views. Within walking distance is the SH Restaurant Row. Underground parking is available.

All visitors to Springfield Hts must cross the SH Bridge, and will see the nightclub lights dancing on the water. There are many fine dining options; with most offering sidewalk tables for "seeing and being seen". Parking is limited; hopefully your limo will be dropping you off!

The shopping at Springfield Hts is unlike any in Springfield. Exclusive shops offer everything from a new nose to golden toilets.

If you prefer to eat-in rather than dine-out, visit the grocery mall; where all "the locals" do their weekly routine. Plenty of free parking, and curbside pickup upon request.

Planning to move to the Heights? EXCELLENT CHOICE! Whether you want a lot of space or just a cozy condo, there are many options to meet your most exclusive tastes.

Fancy Farms Estates
Built upon the former Laird family farm, Fancy Farms Estates offers beautiful homes in the classic Italian style. The neighborhood is family-friendly and very safe. Many homes overlook the Heights and offer skyline views of Springfield. Contact the on-site property management office today!

Mountainside Villas
For those who fancy a cozier lifestyle with a mountainside view of sparkling blue water, the Montagne Villas are for you. The road may be a bit steep (especially for novice skaters); but the sound of the babbling brook, as it winds downhill to feed the reservoir, should effectively restore your peace and tranquility. Units are individually owned, so please respect private property.

High Life Avenue
Welcome to the Creme of the Dream! This high-elevation neighborhood is extremely exclusive, with beautiful homes overlooking all of Springfield Heights. Only those who've truly "made it" will find residence here. Please be respectful when sight-seeing for "mega-stars". They wouldn't want you intruding on their privacy, or discovering any "secrets" they keep hidden (in plain sight!)

Springfield Heights is THE destination for everyone who's anyone. Plan your trip today!
"You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."


  • 4junk3000
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    duplicate post
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    "You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."
  • Very nice, 4j3k. Inspirational even.
  • 4junk3000
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    Overheard from a table: "Some parents let their kids literally run all over the restaurant! Oink!"

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    "You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."
  • g0zCzNn.jpg
    For those of you wondering, the total number of wailing walls in this SH is:
    "You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."
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    For those of you seeking the Answer Key to the Mr. Teeny mini-game, it can be seen here:
    There is a blue circle around each Mr. Teeny.

    Alternatively, try here if that image isn't displaying on your mobile device:

    The total number of Mr. Teenys is:
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    "You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."
  • Wish the mountains were removable.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • Me encanta tu SH, me encantaría poder ver toda tu ciudad
  • 4junk3000
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    ulravico41 wrote: »
    Me encanta tu SH, me encantaría poder ver toda tu ciudad

    ¡gracias! Puede enviar una solicitud de amistad, pero desafortunadamente mi ciudad está en completo desorden. Estoy reconstruyendo todo mi Springfield.
    "You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."
  • KLmaker
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    Love it @4junk3000 it looks amazing.
  • 1pillform
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    Castiel19x wrote: »
    Wish the mountains were removable.
    They were with a glitch years ago. But I missed the opportunity at that time and everyone else was able to take advantage of it and keep them removed. Although I think it was just a short amount of mountains, not all of them.

    As for OP's design, points for sure for doing 3d designing. That's always my 'go to' designing method.
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