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    Now I'm feeling hungry.
    Apart from the pork obviously as I don't tend to eat it, they all look really tasty, I would be spoilt for choice.

    I forgot to say in previous post, (just added it), a Full English Breakfast is a guaranteed hangover cure, but someone has to get up and cook it first.

    I noted you wrote pig blood sausage in Hokkien!
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    168sean168 wrote: »
    I noted you wrote pig blood sausage in Hokkien!

    ???? :|
    Is that the ti-hoeh-koe bit, not trying to be deliberately thick or anything.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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    168sean168 wrote: »
    I noted you wrote pig blood sausage in Hokkien!

    ???? :|
    Is that the ti-hoeh-koe bit, not trying to be deliberately thick or anything.

    Yes if I am not wrong, it means pig blood cake in hokkien
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    168sean168 wrote: »
    KLmaker wrote: »
    168sean168 wrote: »
    I noted you wrote pig blood sausage in Hokkien!

    ???? :|
    Is that the ti-hoeh-koe bit, not trying to be deliberately thick or anything.

    Yes if I am not wrong, it means pig blood cake in hokkien

    Thank you, Black Pudding is basically a large sausage that when cooked is then sliced and served, it looks like black discs.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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    12 foreigners with work and student permits deported.

    Previously in one of my stories I shared about the penalties of Covid-19 breaches. This includes a china lady giving massage with happy ending and a group of 10 Indian Nationals, holding student and work passes, having a gathering all were being fined.

    Today's news just updated that all these people had also been deported and barred from entering Singapore in future.

    Also in the news, this delivery man was sentenced to four weeks jail. He was spotted by a public enforcement officer of not wearing a mask. He hurled profanities at the officer. But went to shop to buy disposal masks and proceeded to throw a mask at the officer. He also threw a used ice cream stick at her. Then he continued to throw the remaining masks at her and continued to use expletives as he walked off.

    " For using criminal force on a public servant, he could have been jailed for up to four years, fined, or both.

    For using abusive words on a public servant, he could have been jailed for up to 12 months, fined up to S$5,000, or both. " - Channel News Asia

    A Malay couple, age 28, were each sentenced to 27 years in jail for abusing their 5 year old son until he died of his injuries.

    The couple had splashed hot water on the boy on four occasions between Oct 15 and Oct 22, 2016, at their one-room flat and took him to hospital some seven hours after he collapsed following the last incident.

    He died from horrific scald injuries, covering about 75 per cent of his body, on Oct 23.

    The couple also committed other acts of abuse against their son, including confining him to a pet cage, pinching him with a pair of pliers, hitting him with a broom and burning his palm with a heated spoon and cigarette ash. These caused him to suffer from a misaligned kneecap, a broken nose, bruises and cuts over his head and face.

    The Judge noted that the cage incident was "extremely cruel", given the exposed wiring of the cage - which measured 91cm long, 58cm wide and 70cm tall - and its relative size to the 1.05m-tall boy.

    This pet cage that was used to lock the boy.

    The man will be given 24 strokes of the cane while the woman will receive one more year in lieu of caning.

    In Singapore, ladies have more privileges. They also don't have to serve National Service.

    In another case, on June 12, a Malay, age 20, was sentenced to 22 years in prison and given the maximum 24 strokes of the cane after he was convicted of nine charges of ****, aggravated statutory ****, statutory **** and sexual assault of 19 ladies including many minors.

    Another 59 charges, including criminal intimidation and insult of modesty, were taken into consideration for sentencing in what High Court Justice called "one of the most shocking and horrifying" cases of sexual crimes to come before the court.

    Our cinemas are allowed to open. But each hall can only have up to 50 visitors with social distancing and mask.

    Visitors also will scan an entry QR code for contact tracing purposes. Many businesses and Supermarkets also have this QR code in place.

    I need to clear a movie voucher by year end. Maybe will use it to watch either Tenet or Mulan. Hopefully it would not be lockdown again.
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    168sean168 wrote: »

    Very strange behaviour and clearly still not a happy bunny.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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    Recently I had a dinner gathering. We went to this teochew restaurant that is located in the void deck of a flat. In fact some of the best food is found in these not so glamorous locations.

    Teochew is a Chinese community originally came from southern part of China to Asia. You can find this community in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore.

    The teochew cuisines tend to be lightly flavoured and they prefer to let the original flavour and freshness to dominate.

    The interior of the restaurant is very old school and old fashioned.

    Braised duck slices and pork belly meat. Braising is popular in teochew. I heard that places that served the best braising stock has never replaced the contents and gravy before and kept adding more stocks. Last time, we continue to eat my mum's braised dish for like two to three months after she prepared it during a festival.

    Prawn roll. Though we also called it Wu Xiang, meaning five spice rolls. Water chestnuts is an important ingredient to give it a crunchy bite.

    This is the highlight of the meal. Steamed Pomfret. Very expensive. I may have last eaten it more than 20 years ago. My mum prepared it before long time ago though she tended to use sea bass fish. Steaming fish is a teochew style of preparation. Ingredients like sour plum, salted vegetables, and tomato would be added to help to remove fishy taste. The stock of this dish is super nice.

    As the eating of shark fin soup is frown upon (I think I last had one twenty years ago in wedding dinners), this is the dish that comes close to almost like a shark fin soup. This is fish Maw soup. We would add black vinegar and pepper to taste. This is another rare eat.

    This is by default, the most popular teochew dessert, yam paste with Gingko nuts aka Orh Nee. It is served hot and is very sweet.
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    This is the logo of our National Day Parade (NDP) on 9 Aug. It will be our 55th birthday. This year the celebration will be scaled down without physical gathering of audience. Previously, it would be held in a stadium or a field with ticketed audience

    Today I just collected a NDP goodie bag. Each household is given one. Previously only ticketed audience of the NDP are given a goodie bag. With this goodie bag, I would have so many reusable masks. But I am still using my first free mask. It is the thickest and quite warm. Other items given is a thermometer and hand sanitizer. Some temp tattoos and stickers. I also opted to receive a free flag. Our corridors has two pre drilled hook for residents to hang the flags during the NDP period.

    The Singapore flag has the following meaning

    Red stands for universal brotherhood and equality of man. White symbolises pervading and everlasting purity and virtue. 

    The crescent moon represents a young nation on the ascendant, and the five stars depict Singapore's ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

    This is the design of my goodie bag. There are multiple designs by Primary 5 students and disabled artists. Mine was done by a cerebral palsy artist. I think it reminded me of Mr. Hanky of South park. I think my precinct got such a design as my MP is quite a junior one.

    My friend received this better designed bag. He has a senior MP serving the precinct. This design was also used for the news reporting.

    Another design from another friend.

    In every Saturday mornings in Jul, I was awoken up by roaring jets doing their rehearsals for the NDP. This year, they will fly the jets all over the island. These are F15SG. The defence ministry has also purchased 4 F-35B, the one that could take off vertically and will have an option to get 8 more. Guess they will be evaluating the purchase before deciding whether to do a bulk purchase to replace the ageing F16. The F-35B has not been delivered yet. With so much money spent battling the Covid-19, I got a feeling they will not exercise the option to buy 8 more.

    State flag flown by Chinook and accompanied by 2 Apaches.

    Meanwhile, our National library board removed a children's book from the libraries for review after a parent posted a complaint in social media. She said that the book is racist. Some Netizens have researched and claimed that the author is an educator from China. Looks like the movement from the west has influenced our small island.

    A 50 year old Malay man was sentenced to 32 years in jail and 24 strokes of caning for sexual assaults on two 14 year old girls by luring them into his flats by threats. But due to his certified spine medical conditions, he will get one more year in lieu of caning. The man has sexual offences on four teenagers and was jailed 4.5 years previously. The man created disturbance in two court sessions by urinating and defecating and smearing on the glass panels in the dock.


    Three teenagers, consisting of an 18 year old boy, a 16 and 13 year old girls, openly vaped in the MRT and posted a video clip of their act in social media. Vaping is illegal here and also smoking is not allowed in MRT. They were identified and the boy was fined 500 SGD. The 16 year old girl was fined 200 SGD and given a conditional warning. The 13 year old was given a conditional warning. Conditional warnings require them to complete a community rehabilitative programme and to stay crime-free for a period of 12 months. Should they re-offend during the 12-month period, they can be prosecuted in court.

    Personally I feel they should be punished more.

    A Chinese dentistry university student tried to strangle his ex girlfriend until she blacked out and used his thumb to press on her eye until it resulted in blur vision and took five months to heal.

    The perp was given a short detention order for 12 days which means to spend 12 days in prison. He was also given a day reporting order for five months, whereby offenders have to report to a centre for monitoring and counselling as well as undergo rehabilitation. He also needs to complete 80 hours of community service over a year.

    Community-based sentences are non-jail sentences introduced in 2010, which give the courts more options in sentencing criminals for minor offences so that the punishment fits the offence better. Offenders will retain no criminal records for the offence if the sentence is successfully completed.

    Some people in the community were not happy with the sentencing. This is not the first time a seemingly educated perp was given a slap on the wrist because they were still deemed to be useful citizens in future. The Law Minister has spoken and said they would review the bearings of education on sentencing and that the Judge is not at fault, but rather, this is a policy matter.


    In Dec 2018, there was an altercation between a Chinese British National cycling on the road and a Chinese lorry driver. The cyclist occupied the middle of the road and was being horned by the lorry, he proceeded to smash the side mirror of the lorry. Lorry driver reacted by swerving the lorry to side of the cyclist and causing him to fall and rolled over the grass patch. Further altercations occurred between driver and cyclist, accumulating in cyclist smashing the handphone of the lorry driver.

    Generally in this case, most people sided with the lorry driver and was unhappy with the cyclist.

    Cyclist was fined S$2,800 in April 2018 for mischief and for not cycling in an orderly and careful manner as required under traffic regulations. Netizens created a petition to appeal on the sentencing of the lorry driver.

    The appeal of the Lorry driver was eventually rejected and he was sentenced to 7 weeks jail, given a fine of $500, and suspended from driving for two years.

    Generally, road users dislike these hot tempered cyclists on our roads and holding up traffic. They generally tend to be professional and many are expatriates.

    A video of the altercation can be seen here

    Back in UK, someone is very angry with Dyson for setting up a plant in Singapore, assuming that we are in China and have human rights issue like child labour.

    The Longnan fruit is in season at moment. Longnan means dragon eyes. Sweet and succulent. Some people mistook lychee and Longnan for the same thing but they are different
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    168sean168 wrote: »

    (bottom left corner).
    I like fish and would give it a try, but I would have to make sure the plate wasn't looking in Mum's direction.

    Now, I run the risk of being accused of racism here because of the Woke Mob, but I find the children's book genuine and I can personally identify with Pi Pi.
    Though the book is being steered in a specific negative direction, it sounds like you are being subject to the alleged Chinese interference that is in Australia and here in the UK.
    And Huawei are to be banned from our 5G network.
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    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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    KLmaker wrote: »
    168sean168 wrote: »

    (bottom left corner).
    I like fish and would give it a try, but I would have to make sure the plate wasn't looking in Mum's direction.

    Now, I run the risk of being accused of racism here because of the Woke Mob, but I find the children's book genuine and I can personally identify with Pi Pi.
    Though the book is being steered in a specific negative direction, it sounds like you are being subject to the alleged Chinese interference that is in Australia and here in the UK.
    And Huawei are to be banned from our 5G network.

    Actually I could identified with the book as I was bullied by Indians in my primary school even though they are the minority here. The bully kicked my shin until it has a dent back then, he also borrowed money from me but never returned. To be fair I also had Chinese bullies. But I was most traumatized by the indian. But I got an almost gangster like Chinese friend who trained me to hit him and I started to defend myself. I was in a school with many gangsters as I was sort of penalised for existing and was enrolled in that school. Back then the citizens were told to have only two children. I was the fourth one and faced discrimination in school enrollment
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    KLmaker wrote: »
    168sean168 wrote: »

    (bottom left corner).
    I like fish and would give it a try, but I would have to make sure the plate wasn't looking in Mum's direction.

    Now, I run the risk of being accused of racism here because of the Woke Mob, but I find the children's book genuine and I can personally identify with Pi Pi.
    Though the book is being steered in a specific negative direction, it sounds like you are being subject to the alleged Chinese interference that is in Australia and here in the UK.
    And Huawei are to be banned from our 5G network.

    Actually I could identified with the book as I was bullied by Indians in my primary school even though they are the minority here. The bully kicked my shin until it has a dent back then, he also borrowed money from me but never returned. To be fair I also had Chinese bullies. But I was most traumatized by the indian. But I got an almost gangster like Chinese friend who trained me to hit him and I started to defend myself. I was in a school with many gangsters as I was sort of penalised for existing and was enrolled in that school. Back then the citizens were told to have only two children. I was the fourth one and faced discrimination in school enrollment

    I was bullied by a Nigerian and he was in the minority as well, so I know what it's like, but I'm white so I'm, "Most likely a racist anyway", and if I state a fact like above then, "Definitely a racist".
    There were white bullies as well, but he was worse than most of them.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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    Some food stuff I ate recently, all hawker standard unless otherwise stated

    Salted vegetable Duck Soup with rice

    Sugar cane juice with added lemon.

    Hokkien Mee aka Hokkien prawn noodle. Best eaten with the chilli

    Douhua or Tofu pudding with added Gingko nut. Served hot. Goes well with a fried fritter. Eaten at an eatery that specialises in this.

    Pork porridge

    Roti Prata, one kosong ( means without filling) and one with egg. To be eaten with curry. The tea is Teh Terik, meaning pulled tea to create foam. Muslim stalls sell this type of tea.

    Kim Chi soup with added chicken with rice. Korean style

    The Chinese here likes to eat snack in this way, especially the adults and seniors. Toasted bread with Kaya and butter. And two half boiled eggs to be eaten with dark soy sauce and pepper. Super popular here. Complete with a coffee.

    Roasted duck and pork belly rice

    Durian. The most premium and most expensive among all the food shown here. This is simply my favourite food of all time. Will try to eat once a year if I can.

    Pork and liver porridge with fried fritters. Most stalls would provide a fritter with porridge

    Prawn noodle soup. I forgot to say I want dry. Hence they made the soup one. I like to sprinkle some chilli powder into the soup

    Red Ruby dessert. The red ruby are actually cut water chestnuts covered in a layer of gelatin.
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    Our Covid 19 cases have broken the 50,000 figure this week. The bulk of the cases are from foreign workers in their dormitories. Locally, the community cases remained low at a handful. There was an increase in number of imported cases too. So far the total death is 27.

    Wearing masks is still mandatory except when during meals and strenuous exercises.

    This lady waiting to buy from a food stall had double protection, a mask on top of a plastic visor. This is uncommon. The few times I saw, I believe they were China Chinese. They tend to have more resources to get such visors from their China online merchants.

    By default, people are wearing masks. Even during midnight when I did my walk, the few people I came across were also wearing mask. It made me guilty as I at times do no wear when I "brisk walk", as part of my exercise.

    My community hub free outdoor movies screening has started again. But we need to scan our temperature to get in and also to scan a QR code for checking in as a means of contact tracing.

    A nice lady from a food stall. All food handlers are expected to wear their masks properly and could be penalised by food agency if they are found not to do so.

    A young man, who worked as a social distancing officer, chatting with a food stall handler. The young man helped to make sure that social distancing is carried out and masks were worn.

    Queueing to get temperature scan and identity QR scan is the default protocol now to get into a mall. Once in a mall, you are expected to do the same thing to get into the supermarket. Retail shops applies too but small shops do not have dedicated staff to enforce the scanning.

    Masks are expected to be on for strolling.
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    Rojak - meaning a mixture of anything. Sort of a tossed up salad but with ingredients like fried tofu fritters, jicama (a crunchy kind of white turnip) cucumbers and pineapples. It is sprinkled with peanuts and uses a paste that taste sweet and spicy. Often, prawn paste is used. I rarely eat this as the prawn paste and peanuts might trigger a bout of itchiness in me. Most eat this as a snack or to supplement the main meal.

    A scene at a hawker centre. They are not air conditioned and could be warm. But that is how the common people eat most of the time.

    Chicken Rice. Almost like the most famous dish here for tourist.

    Popiah meaning thin wafer. A soft and yet firm spring roll. Ate this as my main meal is not filling enough

    Curry Chicken noodle. This particular stall has a Michelin Gib Gourmand award, meaning a good value for money eat.

    A special wanton noodle set with wantons, fried wantons and pork ribs. The selling point of this stall is the use of Sarawak kolo mee, which has a firm Springy texture.

    A cut opened pyramidal rice dumpling known as Bak Chang. This one is nonya style and the glutinous rice looks white. The normal style looks brown

    The Malay Muslim stall called this Nasi Sambal Goreng. Though most nasi gorengs are fried rice. This one served white rice.

    A toufu pudding. We called it TouHuay, meaning Beans Flower. A dessert serves warm. Texture is super soft.

    A white Bee Hoon LaLa & Prawn. Rarely eat this as not as common and also a tad more expensive. Lala is a kind of clam, Venus clam I think. Broth is very tasty. I believe evaporated milk is added to it.

    A very traditional drink stall that sells premixed drinks, coconut, sugar cane. He was preparing sugar cane drink for me with the pressing machine.

    A Korean Saba fish set.

    A pork chop.

    A Black thorn durian. Smooth talk into buying though I also deployed walking away tactics. The stall is closing for the day and usually will try their best to sell it off.

    A fish and chip. Stalls that sell such food are known as western food stalls

    Kway Chap. A mixed braised pig organ set.

    Braised duck rice set with a herbal tasting soup

    Stirred fried black pepper beef with Tom yum soup. Thai style.

    Ebi and teriyaki chicken Japanese bento.

    Bobo ChaCha. A dessert of sweet potatoes, Yam, sagos in coconut milk. Can be served with ice shavings or hot.

    Lor Mee or braised sauce noodle. This one has chicken cutlet add on. Best eaten with chilli and lots of black vinegar.

    A coke float at Burger King

    Spinach seafood soup. One of the healthier option of eating at a hawker centre.

    Black glutinous rice dessert. Served hot with optional coconut milk. Also known as black porridge.

    Pork chop again

    Another packet of black thorn durian from the set I bought. Durian can be very addictive and you need to stuff yourself crazy with it until the craving can be stopped.
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    Recently 9 August 2020, we had our 55th year of nation building celebration. We were forced to be independent when Malaysia kicked us out back in 1965. This year's celebration was scaled down. No live audience for the ceremonial parades.

    This photo was taken by a friend who lives facing the sea. The one I took was quite a distance away. Two sets of these were flown for the first time to circle the island, especially above hospitals to honour their fight in Covid-19.

    The helicopters were Chinook and two Apaches.

    This photo was from the NDP (National Day Parade) organisers. Six F15SG flying in formation went around the island in a few passes.

    They flew pretty high up on the actual day as compared to the rehearsals. This is what I caught.

    Spectators lined the streets to wait for a mobile column. Five sets of columns, each taking a different route, were sent out for the first time this year. The columns will feature some of the vehicles used by the Armed forces, the civil defence and the police force. Social distancing was thrown aside during this episode. Though everyone wears their masks. In the background, you can see people crowding up an overhead bridge too.

    A petite lady getting ready for her role to enforce social distancing during the mobile column display. I wonder if she was previously a flight crew. I understood that many flight crews have been employed as social distancing ambassadors during this period.

    This is the main battle tank used here. Leopard 2SG, with enhanced armour. We supposedly have 170 + of leopard 2 series tanks.

    Bionix 2 armoured fighting vehicle. This is Singapore designed and developed. There is a series of variants in the Bionix family. One of the key functions is to provide armoured infantry functions. They replaced the M113s used in the past. Internet says that we have 300 of these.

    Terrex. Also mainly Singapore designed and made. Main role is to provide motorised infantry. We have 435 of these. This vehicle at one point made news after nine of them was withheld in HK China for some possible political reasons during a return journey from training in Taiwan.

    Light Strike Vehicle Mark II. Also designed and made in Singapore. I think they didn't mount the weapon during this display. We have 50 of this.

    Peacekeeper Protected Response Vehicle (PRV). The purpose of this vehicle was to defend key installations around the island. 40 of it are in operations. Developed in Singapore.

    Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer 1 (SSPH 1) Primus, 155mm. Not in this year's parade but was present last year. Also self designed and made. Got 48 of this.

    Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier (ATTC). This vehicle is amphibious and could handle difficult terrains. It can be adapted for various functions like engineer, repair and recovery, load carrier, troop carrier and fuel resupply vehicles. This is designed and made in Singapore. Based on Internet, we have 400 of these. Not featured in this year parade though. The British Army bought some of these as Warthogs during their war in Afghanistan and praised that not a single soldier died in it even after encountering IED explosions.

    This is one variant of the Bronco, the Mortar Tracked Carrier MTC. It operates on a 4 men crew with the 120mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS), the world's first recoiled mortar to incorporate a blast diffuser. Picture from past parades

    Hunter armoured fighting vehicle. I took this picture from the CNA news as it did not appear in the route that I saw.
    This vehicle was only just commissioned in 2019 and will be going in mass production. It is the next generation vehicle for armoured infantry. It has an advanced command and control system in a digital environment. And it has air conditioning.

    The day ended with a variety show on TV and a fireworks at 10 different locations throughout the island. This is what I saw in my town.

    Burj Khalifa, tallest structure in the world, did a light up for Singapore's birthday.


    The designs of the goodie bags by primary school students and handicapped people.

    Greetings from our town MPs. We don't see them around often except during key Community activities. People can meet the MPs once a week in a long queue to seek help to some problems like waiving a parking ticket. The MPs also don't live in the town and have their own nice homes elsewhere.

    Stickers showcasing the armed forces and also the good old days of Singapore.

    In the good old days sticker, there are the old playgrounds, hawker stalls, games that children used to play. The iconic dragon head playground is currently preserved and is a favourite spot for photo taking.

    The ice cream man is still around and can be found in various estates and some at tourist spots.
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    Sharing some food stuff I ate at hawker centres recently

    Minced meat and Meat ball soup noodle. This is quite unique to a handful of stalls and cannot be found in every hawker centre. The usual kind is eaten dry with chilli.

    Glutinous rice balls aka Tangyuan, Chinese words meaning soup balls, aka AhBalling, a teochew word meaning Duck Mother's Balls.

    This dessert has been around for a long time and we used to make it ourselves without fillings. It was then a must eat during Dōngzhì Festival or Winter Solstice Festival in late Dec. It was used as offerings to ancestors. Also the roundness signifies a gathering of family.

    It used to be in white or pink using colourings. The balls have evolved to contain fillings. The most common ones are peanuts, seasme seeds, Yam paste, Red bean paste. The modern ones may include matcha or chocolate.

    In my mum's time, we just use sweetened soup base with pandan leaves. It has evolved to have ginger, peanut and almond in some stalls. Peanuts base is the most popular.

    This is served hot. Not commonly available.

    The stall which I bought the Tangyuan from. There was a long queue.

    Japanese curry chicken cutlet

    Ba Ku Teh aka Pork Ribs soup

    Part of the four packets of durian I bought. I am controlling myself not to buy anymore for cost reasons. This was black thorn variety and was sold at 28 SGD but at end of day bargaining, I managed to buy 4 for 50SGD. The more expensive and freshest way of eating was to buy the fruit that was priced by per kilo and they would open it on the spot for you.

    A fish soup porridge. But actually they just pour the hot contents onto white rice. This is a teochew style fish porridge.

    Tom Yum Seafood

    A dessert of tofu pudding with Gingko nuts served warm. Drink is grass jelly drink, a kind of herbal thing that is supposed to be very cooling to the body.

    A old lady with possibly osteoporosis back helping to clear plates and clean tables In Singapore, it is common to see old people working as the country is not strong on welfare and people are expected to feed themselves. Old people without the support of children would try to continue working. You can frequently see them working in jobs of cleaning and plates retrievals.

    Pork porridge again with fried fritters

    Satay Bee hoon. Getting very uncommon these days. It has unique ingredients like squid, Kang Kong (kind of vegetables), cockles (some stop offering cockles though). I last ate this long long time ago, maybe a decade.

    I ate one third of this before I took the picture. Lotus roots soup with pork ribs.

    A two piece KFC chicken meal under promotion. But they didn't include coleslaw for promotion.

    A pig liver, kidney mee sua (noodle). Soup is herbal like. Not very common.

    Thai black pepper beef basil

    Tau Suan, a mung bean dessert with fried fritters. Served warm. This might be the most traditional dessert here. A favourite of grown ups and seniors.

    Hor Fun which means River noodles. By default they will serve white flat noodles, in my case I ordered it as bee hoon, single strands white noodle.

    Kway Chap. Mixed pig organs parts. Eaten with Kway, a very broad flat white noodles. I am usually not full when eating this and ordered an additional bowl of Kway.

    Big prawn noodle dry. When eating Prawn at hawker centre, they usually do not de vein them properly. Most people just eat it anyway. I will try to de vein it if I remember.

    Once I eat in an very expensive Japanese restaurant and my raw prawn was served without being de veined too. I wondered why and I regretted that I didn't ask.

    Pork porridge again.

    Chendol or cendol. Another very popular dessert here. Rich in coconut milk and palm sugar syrup ( gula Melaka). I ate from a air con stall that specialises in food from Penang Malaysia. Penang Malaysia supposedly has very good cendol.

    Old Chang Kee Curry puff. A pastry that has been around for a long time since the fifties. It is most famous for its curry puff original flavour. Though its price has doubled in the last ten over years. They can be found in multiple places here. When there is a mall, there would be one. They also opened a branch in UK. I wonder how is it doing there.

    By the way, today is the first day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. It is the hungry ghost month. In this month, the gates of hell will be opened and the spirits would be having a one month holiday. Taoists families and even business owners would be making offerings and prayers to random spirits by the roadsides and also to their own ancestors. Incense papers would be burnt and the night air would have smell of smoke. Joss sticks and candles would be lit up. People generally would not take photos of these activities.

    Activities would be most intense on the first day, fifteen day and the last day of the month.


    When we walked, we would be careful not to kick on the offering of food, snacks and fruits on the ground. If you ever stepped or kicked into one, it is best to immediately spit out some saliva and said some prayers.

    People would avoid doing big auspicious activities and businesses during this month. Swimming is highly discouraged as swimming spirits might be out in force to look for victims.

    In normal times, there would be open air concerts and banquets organised by temples and business communities to appease the spirits. These concerts are known as Getai meaning music stages. They tend to be temporary wooden stages erected for the occasion. Performers would be dressed in gaudy costumes and in between songs, they may crack naughty jokes or deliver some educational messages targeted at seniors. Songs are mostly in hokkien, Chinese and some Cantonese.


    Sunshine Cola. A young and uprising Getai performer that hopefully could ensnare younger audiences and keep the culture alive

    But this year there would be no live audience Getai due to COVID-19. But virtual online ones would take place.

    Last night on the eve of the month, I was specifically reminded to be home and not to be out after midnight. The vibes would be strongest on the eve.

    In the midst of Covid 19, everywhere we go, we need to scan a QR code for contact tracing. Someone made a joke that even the spirits need to scan. The English written is in the form of Singapore style Singlish. Wa Lau is a very common exclamation here meaning Oh my father!

    This joke depicts a king of hell giving instructions that spirits need to wear masks when out for holidays.

    Arbo is a Singlish sort of meaning otherwise.

    The incense papers merchants even make masks as part of the offerings for the spirits.

    On 22 Aug 2020, Divers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) found a 14-year-old male teenager’s body in the waters off Changi Beach Park on Saturday. During Japanese Occupation, Changi Beach was one of the key sites used the the imperial soldiers to massacre the Chinese men. For a long time it is not a very popular place to go to, especially at night.

    Further Update from the Local Today Newspaper

    SINGAPORE — A 14-year-old boy drowned while swimming in the waters off Changi Beach Park on Saturday (Aug 22).

    Divers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) retrieved his body 15m from the shoreline and he was pronounced dead on the scene by a paramedic.

    In a media statement, SCDF said it received a call for water rescue assistance at Changi Beach Park on Saturday at about 3.30pm.

    TODAY understands that the boy who drowned was part of a group of six male teenagers fishing and swimming at the beach.
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    My walking trip on Friday night brought me to Little India. This area is hugely popular with tourists especially the westerners. It is also a popular place where Indian foreign nationals and workers like to hang out to party, to have a picnic and to drink.

    If you go there you would feel as if you are in a different country, maybe India. Locals, however, seldom go to that place. Because it can be very crowded and a Chinese would become a
    minority there.

    On my way to little India, I walked past this massage parlor. Such gaudy looking Spa can be found in town in numerous locations. They usually have happy ending services. Though they are not supposed to do so and police have been known to raid them from time to time.

    A traditional looking Barber shop runs by Indian. Hard to find this type of Barber shop in town anymore. In old days, Chinese also operated such shops. They also provided shaving services with a long razor and ear digging services with a standing lightbulb and many long metal sticks back then. Totally never see this anymore.

    In the foreground is a police security officer. Little India is a place where police can often be seen. Another place is Geylang, the famous brothel district.

    Generally westerners like to chill out in Indian restaurants. This is one with a nice mural. Quite heartening to see that the business was brisk. Many shops in Little India complained that they are on the verge of collapsing as many foreign workers had been isolated and quarantined due to the covid 19. This is first time I saw this mural after I took a new turn in the area.

    A shop selling perishables operating late into the night.

    A shop selling simple things like newspapers, magazines, sweets, etc. We used to call it mama shop here. Very popular with children in old days.

    Another mural I saw in one of the lanes. In fact a first time for me as there are so many small lanes in the area. Each time I went there, I would see something new. Three security officers were resting there.

    A shop serving the needs of mobile phones.

    One of the few Hindu temples there. This one is called Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. Hindu temples have very nice carvings of multiple figurines.

    Another mural I saw. A first time for me.

    A mural along Desker Road. This road is known for providing the one of the lowest level of brothel services in the island. With horrid looking ladies and lady boys from what I heard. Generally their clients are usually the foreign workers. Desker road is also used in our communications at times to make fun of friends.

    A grocery shop. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the Indian man looking menacingly in my direction.

    Mustafa centre is like a default must visit in Little India. It is a 24 hr air conditioned shopping mall with crazy availability of goods. Anything you want you can almost get it there. I believe currently they are not operating 24 hrs due to the covid 19. This centre is also suspected to be the origin place for the outbreak of the Covid-19 in the foreign worker dormitories. At one stage it was a covid 19 cluster. There are around 54,000 foreign workers cases as opposed to around 2200 local community cases to date

    This might be the fast food equivalent for Hindus. I ate once in my life. I am not very familiar with Indian food in fact and not really into vegetarian food.

    Generally, Little India is not a place that I would go so often as I always feel a sense of danger when I am there. Not from the people but more of the fear of falling down. There are a lot of sights, sound and smell there and you could easily forget to look in front of you. If you walk along the pavement, we have to watch out for some steps that would suddenly appear in front of some shops. Also if you walk on the roads, you have to look out cars going around you. During normal days before COVID-19, locals will definitely avoid going there as the place will be completely swarmed with Indian foreign workers.

    Back in 2013, Little India was the site of the first modern day riot since the racial riots in 60s, with the last one in 1969. A drunk foreign worker tried to get into a full private bus but fell and was run over. The picture shows the bus involved.


    This triggered a riot that involved almost 400 Indian foreign workers, many intoxicated. They burnt and damaged ambulances and mostly police vehicles. At least 5 was overturned, a total of 25 vehicles were damaged.

    Police and ambulance workers were seen running away in some videos.

    37 Police Officers, 5 Auxilliary Police Officers and 12 SCDF Officers sustained injuries and lacerations during the riot. SCDF is Singapore Civil Defence Forces, composed of firemen and medics.

    The bus driver and a time keeper was also injured during the riot.

    The riot was finally subdued without a single shot fired. In general, local police exercises a lot of restraints when arresting a perpetrator. I think this would be better though some felt that they should have used more force and to learn from the US police.

    Little India, from that incident onwards, has been under close monitoring by auxillary police.

    One of the biggest repercussions of the incident was the enactment of a liquor control act in 2015. Between 1030 pm to 7 am, liquors could not be sold from stores and supermarkets and consumption of liquors publicly is also disallowed. This include ice cream with alcohol like rum raisins, though this was excluded in 2019. Purchase and consumption of liquors are allowed in night clubs though.

    This liquor control act doesn't affect me as I don't buy alcohol except when I came back from an overseas trip and could buy duty free. Though now I wouldn't do so too as I realised that I didnt drink it after I bought.

    I was at the cinema on 4 SEP 2020. With only 10 more mins to spare, I managed to purchase one of the last two remaining seats in the largest hall of this Lido Shaw Cinema. In the current phase 2 opening of Covid-19, cinemas could operate but each hall could only have 50 pax and masks must be worn unless you are eating or drinking. I went to watch Tenet. The film gave me an headache.

    One of the Shaw Cinema was in the limelight last week for the wrong reason when movie goers were treated to a 5D effect during a fighting scene in Tenet. A ventilator came crashing down and two moviegoers were injured. One was more serious with suspected head injuries while the other was slightly injured. This was the first time in Singapore that such a freak accident occurred. This month is still in the hungry ghost month.

    I think this display wasn't very enticing. I wouldn't watch it if it was not a Christopher Nolan's film

    The actress Liu Yifei is so beautiful and almost gives you a fairy like feeling. She acted in mostly chinese and HK films, one of the more famous one was A Chinese Ghost Story remake as a trapped enchanting ghost. She makes the hearts of many male fans melt.

    Gal gadot is such a beautiful actress. Though I think she is too thin and devoid us of the bouncing action when she runs as wonder woman.
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    A shady tale of watching Netflix under the table:

    SINGAPORE — A 22-year-old woman on Monday (Sept 7) laid out her version of events leading up to when a Singapore Management University (SMU) student allegedly molested her during an overnight study session.

    Taking the witness stand for the first time, she testified that Lee Yan Ru had made several unwelcome advances before that.

    Lee, now aged 24, has claimed trial to a single charge of rubbing his private parts against her chest in a university classroom at about 6.30am on Jan 8 last year. 

    The woman, who is not an SMU student, cannot be named due to a court order to protect her identity.

    Lee first contacted her on social media channel Instagram about a week or two before the incident, she testified. They had about 20 mutual friends.

    She declined his offer to buy her sunglasses and take her out for a meal because she had a boyfriend.

    They continued chatting afterwards. “I didn’t want to be rude and brush him off, and we had mutual friends,” she explained.

    The day before the incident, they met at a cafe near the SMU campus to do schoolwork. On that occasion, Lee “poked (her) rib” about 40 minutes after they met while sitting next to her, and she moved his hand away.

    "I felt awkward and didn’t really know how to act… I didn’t want to be rude or leave a bad impression. If word got out, it’d look bad on him as well,” she added.


    They met again in person later that evening. At his suggestion, she took a Grab car over to SMU’s School of Economics at about 12.30am.

    Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Andre Chong then asked her why she agreed to meet him again.

    “I had not slept for a day or so and I had this laboratory report due on the morning of the incident, so I thought by meeting someone, it would prevent me from falling asleep in my room where the bed is. Sort of a way to force myself to complete the assignment,” she replied.

    As for why she did not ask her boyfriend to accompany her, she said that he had an early start the next day and was already asleep.

    She did not tell him about meeting Lee because of this, she added.

    When they met, Lee took her to a third-storey classroom and they began doing their work at a table. After a while, she said that he began putting his foot on her thigh “about three to five times”.

    She pushed his foot away. “It was so weird and awkward that I was at a loss for words,” she told the court.

    He eventually joined her when she lay on the floor and watched a movie on the entertainment streaming site Netflix.

    After about 30 minutes, he said that the fluorescent lights were “really bright” and suggested moving under a table. She said that she agreed because her eyes hurt, too.

    She then alleged that he squeezed her breasts under her bra after the movie was over.

    DPP Chong asked if she had consented to this and she replied: “There was nothing to consent to because he did not ask.”

    She added that after this, she tried to crawl out from under the table but he pulled her back, grabbing her by her hips. This went on for a few seconds before he let go and they crawled out, leaving her “quite shaken”.

    She then asked Lee to take her somewhere to smoke a cigarette. “I had this ingenious idea to sort of break tensions by going for a walk,” she testified.

    She did not leave because it was the middle of the night and there was “no mode of transport”, and she “did not want to leave a bad impression”.

    “Considering how we were alone in school and it seemed empty, the last thing I wanted was for him to turn into an enemy,” she added.


    They went to the ground floor outside the building on two occasions to smoke. Closed circuit television footage of their movements was played in court.

    Once, he put his arm around her waist and she moved away.

    She told the court that she kept mum because she “didn’t want to embarrass him”, though “it felt wrong because I’m attached”.

    After the first smoke break, they returned to the classroom at about 5am, where he allegedly tried to hold her down on a table and kiss her about three times.

    She also said that she “felt something quite warm on my thigh” but “did not want to look down and see anything”. “I didn’t want to ask because it was really embarrassing,” she added.

    On Monday morning, a police officer testified that she had told them Lee tried to kiss her until about 4am before he fell asleep on a chair.

    She also told the police that she covered her head with a jacket and fell asleep on the floor, before waking up to find Lee masturbating on top of her.

    A DNA report later showed that Lee’s **** was found on her face and neck, but not on her jacket.

    The afternoon session of the trial did not cover the alleged charge of molestation.

    It continues on Tuesday.

    Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/smu-student-made-several-advances-allegedly-****-instagram-acquaintance-classroom

    SINGAPORE — Shortly after allegedly **** a 22-year-old woman in a campus classroom, a Singapore Management University (SMU) student apologised to her repeatedly  and asked her not to report the matter to the police.

    On Tuesday (Sept 8) morning, the woman revealed these details and how the incident affected her as she took the stand for a second day in the trial of student Lee Yan Ru.

    A day earlier, the prosecution had taken her through the days and hours leading up to the incident. She said that Lee, 24, had made several unwelcome advances, including groping her and touching her breast during a smoke break shortly before the alleged molestation.

    Lee is disputing a single charge of rubbing his private parts against her chest in the classroom at about 6.30am on Jan 8 last year. 

    The woman, who studies at another university in Singapore, cannot be named because of a court order to protect her identity.


    Lee had invited the woman to an overnight study session on the SMU campus. 

    After their second smoke break during which Lee allegedly touched her breast, they returned to the third-storey classroom.

    She sat on a chair and Lee sat on her thighs without any warning or invitation, she said.

    “I tried to push him away, but being seated down, there is only so much force you can generate. I actually (told) him verbally: ‘Go away’ and ‘Stop it’,” she added. 

    Even so, Lee did not budge. 

    She managed to stand and walked around the room to “shake things off”. 

    To make conversation, she read from a file he left on the table.

    Lee then arranged some chairs that he later lay on.

    Around 6.10am, she lay on the ground, covered her face with her hoodie and fell asleep. Feeling a weight on her abdomen near her chest, she lifted the hoodie and saw Lee kneeling over her. She said she told him sternly to move away, but he replied: “Wait.” 

    This made her "feel shocked and degraded”.

    A few seconds later, she said she felt warmth near her chin, ear and neck. He then used some tissue paper to wipe her face.

    A DNA report later showed that his **** was found on the tissue.

    “My face felt really hot, and I was embarrassed and frankly I couldn’t move. I was just stuck there.

    “Nothing like this has happened, so I didn’t really know what to think. I was kind of angry… to be disrespected and degraded in this manner,” she told the court.


    Both of them then cleaned up the room. 

    She said she recited Lee’s particulars that she had memorised from his file and told him that he would hear from her lawyers.

    As he followed her to the ground floor, he said he was sorry “about seven to 10 times” and kept pleading with the woman “not to tell anyone to take action”, she added. 

    Lee also invited her to punch him, she said, as she had told him that she practised martial arts before. 

    “I guess he said that as a way for me to get back at him, as if that would suffice,” she told the court.

    On the ground floor, she told a security guard what had happened. 

    The guard then created some distance between the pair by making Lee stand outside the entrance gantry. She said Lee then kept shouting: “Please don’t call the police.”

    When police officers arrived, she took them to the classroom.

    She said that the alleged incident affected her schoolwork and she was diagnosed with acute stress disorder. She had pushed her boyfriend away once as well, when she realised she was “projecting” the incident on their relationship.

    She said: “This court hearing has affected my schoolwork again, but I’m still coping, I would say.”


    On Tuesday afternoon, Lee’s lawyers from law firm Rajah & Tann began cross-examining her.

    Mr **** Chee Kun asked her why she had not verbally objected to most of Lee’s advances, to which she said she was not verbally expressive and that her actions, such as moving his foot off her thigh, were enough to signal her discomfort.

    Mr **** also asked why she had given Lee a “playful kick” before their first smoke break, and she replied that she had wanted to ease the tension.

    “Did you not think that by giving him a playful kick very shortly after what you said happened, that would encourage him to make further advances on you?” the lawyer asked.

    She responded: “No. If I wanted such further advances, I think I would make it quite clear.”

    The trial continues on Wednesday.
    Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/smu-student-repeatedly-apologised-woman-he-allegedly-molested-asked-her-not-call-police
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    Recently, I went to this restaurant, Chatterbox at Mandarin Hotel along orchard road. This restaurant is most famous for its chicken rice. And in fact they may be selling the most expensive chicken rice in Singapore. They also sell other dishes that are generally hawker food but in a restaurant setting.
    Mandarin Hotel is considered a top high end hotel

    This might be the third time I ate this in my entire life. At this third dining, I must say that this indeed might be the best chicken rice I ever had. I was probably younger back then to appreciate this.

    The chicken is soft and juicy and the rice is very fragrant and not oily at all. The amount of chicken appeared to be about at least three times of what you would get in a hawker centre one. The price for this is 27 SGD for one person. Any additional bowl of rice would be 3 SGD. All prices are before taxes and service charges.

    This is Chicken Rice which I ate at a hawker centre. This one cost about 3.50 SGD. Rice is fairly oily. Quality is stall dependent. This stall actually has a long queue but I ate rather late, probably that was why the rice was more oily.

    On top of chicken rice, we also ordered two satays of chicken and mutton. The size of each stick is fairly big, maybe two to three times of what you would get in hawker centre. The meat are quite nicely done and not charred at all. Between the two, I prefer the mutton one.

    Usually in hawker centre, some parts would be charred. I am not sure did they deliberately charred it but I generally do not like my food to be charred as it is carcinogenic. The typical pricing of hawker centre was about 7 SGD for a plate of 10 sticks excluding the compressed rice.

    The size of the satay meat was about two to three times the size of those from a hawker centre.

    In this restaurant, it costs 18 SGD for a plate of 5 satay sticks

    We also ordered two sides of cabbages with soya sauce and bean sprouts with small silver fish, typical vegetables that are sold with chicken rice.

    One of the side dish. Stirred fried cabbage with soya sauce at 9 SGD

    We ended the meal with a dessert of Chendol, a popular dessert here. This is rather expensive at 12 SGD. Maybe the three attap seeds make it more premium as in hawker centre, you either get one or none.

    I had this chendol at a new eatery promotion at just 1 SGD. The eatery focused on food from Penang. Typically chendol cost around 2.50 SGD at a food court or hawker centre.

    And a 9 SGD latte to end the meal.

    The total price of the bill was 153 SGD before taxes and service charges. Service charge adds another 10 percent. Tax will be levied at this total at 7 percent. There are no taxes and service charges in Hawker Centres. Food courts usually has taxes but no service charges.

    Orchard road, the key shopping belt here is gazetted as a no smoking zone. There are dedicated spots for smoking and this is one of them. I wish that this non smoking zone is rolled out to more places.

    I am not sure whether I would revisit the restaurant again any time soon. I remember the price of the chicken rice was like 12 SGD in the late 70s. So far it seems that I visit it once in a decade. Maybe in the next decade.
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    CNN in a news article on 7 Oct 2020, identified Singapore as not a country in a chart. That chart has been removed. Someone added a popular comedian to chart to express his disapproval of the mistake in Singlish. Silang Tow means Dead man head

    Back in 1998, Indonesia President coined the term of The Little Red Dot to describe our small island :pensive:

    And I heard people from the west still think that Singapore is a province of China


    Singapore was in Michigan at one point :open_mouth:


    The remnants of Singapore in Michigan in the form of a yacht club

    Some news on Covid-19


    On 10 SEP 2020, the news reported that a Taiwanese woman, who purposely sneezed at a security guard after she was denied entry into Ion Orchard shopping mall amid the Covid-19 outbreak in April, was sentenced to 11 weeks imprisonment.

    After sneezing at the guard, the woman said: “You get it? You get it already!” She then took her passport out of her bag and added: “I am China. I am Taiwan.” The woman who lives in a condo at one of the most expensive belt here in Bukit Timah, was angry after she was denied entry for trying to use a scarf as a mask.

    The irate lady also scribbled out her particulars from a form visitors are expected to fill in after she sneezed on the guard. When the lady security guard tried to stop her, Taiwanese told her to "shut up" and added: "Do your work."

    On 11 SEP 2020, a flat owner was fined 5000 SGD for organising a huge gathering of 18 young people on 8 May 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19. His fiancée, living together with him, was fined 4000 SGD. News said that the two have broken up. 10 of the guests were already fined earlier, each between 2500 to 3000 SGD.

    The engaged couple in their mid 30s that broke up.

    The group ate, drank alcohol, played games and watched Netflix shows. A resident alerted the police at 2 am for the ongoing daily ruckus. The flat owner lied to the police that he was sleeping and that no guests were around but the police managed to call out his bluff when attending to the case.

    The man's fine was higher than the lady due to his lies.
    Three of the guests are young between 19 to 20. Two elected to accept fines of 2000 SGD. One young man chose a nine month probation. He must perform 40 hours of community service and his parents are bonded for 5,000 SGD to ensure his good behaviour.

    The cases of the remaining three guests are pending.

    On 16 SEP 2020, a 35-year-old Indian woman who breached her stay-home notice to meet her friends on the pretext of visiting a doctor for a rash was sentenced to 12 weeks' jail.

    She was charged with one count of failing to comply with her stay-home notice by leaving her hotel and spending more than a week outside visiting multiple places, visiting friends and staying at friends' places. She was supposed to serve a 14 days stay home notice after arriving from Malaysia on 30 Apr.


    On 24 SEP 2020, the local news reported that this two Britons have been fined 8000 SGD and 8500 SGD for committing Covid-19 related illegal gathering and drinking alcohol in May 2020 as part of the Robertson Quay incident where foreigners had been captured to blatantly disregard the Covid-19 laws. This two had their work passes revoked and banned from working in Singapore. Personally, this is the first time I see a black person in the news for breaking the law here.

    On 29 SEP 2020, local news reported that Thirty-two diners will be fined 300 SGD each for flouting Covid-19 rules at food and beverage outlets, such as not wearing a mask promptly after eating or drinking, intermingling between tables as well as sitting in groups of more than five diners.

    An offence of intermingling between two tables.

    An offence of a dining group of 12.

    An offence of failure to put back the mask after consumption of food

    An offence of having a group of 11

    On 6 Oct 2020, local news reported that Twenty-one diners have been fined 300 SGD each for flouting Covid-19 measures at food and beverage outlets.



    The current statistics of Covid-19 here. 7 Oct 2020 recorded 10 cases where 4 cases happened in foreign workers dormitories and 6 cases are imported.
    While the news didn't go into details where the imported cases came from, based on the other information given, it was likely that they generally came from India.
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