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    @sideshowdan9 where are you from ?

    It is hard to pinpoint the best date to visit Singapore. But I guess it is best to visit during later part of the year like Dec. As rain would be more frequent.

    Ironically I have yet to see otters with my own eyes. I did see large monitor lizards on numerous occasions. Wild boars are also a common sight but I have yet to see one. Monkeys are easy to spot when you visit Bukit Timah hill, the tallest natural point in Singapore.

    I love universal studios. I went there 10 times on a six months pass. But the roller coaster, Battlestar Galactica was down throughout that six months though

    At various times I have lived in the Middle East and Australia. My trips to SG were always guided by something else. The most recent was Feb 2020 on a stopover to Tokyo (then Sapporo, Snow Festival time!). I have been at various points in the year and just dealt with whatever the conditions were. Doing all the tourist things I could fit in. Next time I will probably explore further afield.

    I have also seen large monitor lizards. If you go to Palawan in the Philippines you can see Monitors and monkeys living in the same forest but keeping well out of each other's way. Quite funny to see monkeys go from trying to steal your water bottle to hiding from a massive lizard coming their way.
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