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The Best Springfield Ever Built

I have the best Springfield. 1.02 billion real estate value. But completely decorated. I didn't just stake a bunch of building together. Don't believe me, check me out brewerk7503.


  • brewerk7503
    6 posts New member
    Update. So I have had some good towns add me. @masonjulez your town is sick. You have alot of buildings I don't have. I never spent any real money on this game. and @¡13g54mrcdsa is another great town. I'm curious to how much you guys have put into the game? or how long you have been playing? and your first impression of my town.
  • Added you
  • He visto tu ciudad y me gusta, yo también la tengo completamente decorada y casi no repito edificios salvo los de heights que los he repetido pero en distinto nivel para que sean distintos
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