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Which Tablet should i get?

I had the transformer tf300 it was ok it's a bit heavy compared to other devices and the screen cracked I got it fixed but that was $100+ to do. Now I have the iPad mini and I love it its so light. Anyway I am an apple person. But what ever you chose make sure your gonna like using it and playing with it for a while. Oh gorilla glass is a must and don't be afraid to go to say eBay to get your accessories that will save some money. Happy birthday


  • lunarrah
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    edited July 2013
    So to further answer your question since you are on the Simpsons tapped out forum I assume that's what TSTO stands for. Well I have an iPhone and a iPad mini as I mentioned in the first post and I prefer to play it on my iPad. The screen is much bigger making editing my Springfield easier. There are very small differences from playing on the iPhone vs. iPad mini. I have not found many issues with this game on the iPad mini that are devise specific.
    Things I like about the iPad mini: multitasking gestures, the lightening power cord, how light it is, the ability to have apps for the iPhone and iPad and the ability to adjust the brightness easily (if you have an iPhone you can double click the home button and that will show all the apps you have open if you swipe to the left apple added the ability to adjust the brightness along with the sound for the iPad) I could go on but I'm not gonna bore you.
  • Jose_Garcia_TWD
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    I wasn't getting bored, thanks now i'm interested in the Ipad mini! Thank you guys and thank you lunarrah for the HB! :D
  • datasurgeon
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    I use the Samsung tablets, My wife has the tab 2 (she is not good with computers) I have the tab1. Grand daughter has the 7in tab2. Best gift for a 3 year old and she'll not out grow it.
  • snowyriver32
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    i would go for the iPad mini. I too am an apple person and you want something that you'll enjoy for a long while.
    You'll be using it for years to come :-)
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