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Land tokens - is it one free token given per day?

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I'm getting land tokens seemingly at that rate, but only if I'm actively playing. I don't have the building that generates them (damn it!) and would gladly pay thousands of donuts if it were possible to get it :( Anyway, I'm curious to know how I'm getting the ones that do appear. I suppose it's also possible to be related to cash or XP collected, though as I said it strongly seems to be given out at a rate of one per day, along with the Sky Finger Monument.


  • If you don't have the Golden Goose Building, the land token are only available through completing a string of daily challenges. And the land token being a reward is pretty rare, so if you are getting them every day, then you either have the building somehow or have a really nice glitch of some kind.
  • I see two possibilities. Using the Sky Finger had a bug where GGR did not award a Land token, EA fixing this bug might have added a glitch to award an extra token. Or you have Golden Goose Reality, and just don't know it.
  • As I said in your first thread, if it's 1 or 2 a day, every day, then it's GGR.
    Though as has been said it could be a glitch.

    If you were able to collect from all buildings twice in one day with 12 hours in between, and keeping count of your LT's, but not using SkyFinger, it might answer that question.

    Or you could try a block store, and you would see the GGR listed, then replace the block as was.

    It would be interesting if it is a glitch, but would you want to post it here and tell EA about it.
  • If you have the 4 hour task for Mr. Burns "Record a Rap Song" then you have Golden Goose Realty since he goes there for that task. You might have picked it up in January last year when it was first released because the Black History event was the second time that GGR made an appearance.
  • Like any building that pays $amount after a set number of hours, GGR gives 1 Land Token every 12 hours, so you could get 2 a day depending on when you login and collect.
    But you have to tap the building to collect.
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