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Road Trip?

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  • Looks fun. If I live in US, there is no need for me to go anywhere else as the country is so big with so many things to see and explore.
  • I would like to visit each one
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    .....................maybe next year
  • johncolombo
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    168sean168 wrote: »
    Looks fun. If I live in US, there is no need for me to go anywhere else as the country is so big with so many things to see and explore.

    I forget, have you ever been to the United states before Sean. PS I love looking at your Singapore photos
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    168sean168 wrote: »
    Looks fun. If I live in US, there is no need for me to go anywhere else as the country is so big with so many things to see and explore.

    I forget, have you ever been to the United states before Sean. PS I love looking at your Singapore photos

    Thank you @johncolombo. Yes I have. I went once to the east side and visited Washington DC, Virginia, New York City and Orlando. But it was pretty rushed trip though. I went on another one to the west side.

    I really like the vibes of Washington DC and the nice layout and architecture of the capitol building, the reflecting pool? , the Washington Monument, Lincoln memorial, Thomas Jefferson memorial. In fact the civic district in my TSTO game was inspired by DC.

    I bought a copy of the declaration of independence speech there and a couple of other pictorial books on the city. While I was there, some activists passed me some pamphlets that didn't make sense to me. I wasn't that familiar with the political scene there though.

    An activist in Washington DC

    One of the guy in the group was very into academics and we visited the George Washington university library

    With the Lincoln memorial.

    The Watergate scandal hotel

    It was so hype to take with this logo as X files was my favourite tv show then. Though after a while I lost track of the series and didnt know what was the ending.

    I really like the colourful design of this t shirt. The heavy Tee from US really lasted a long time. It helps that in the past, my mother would hand wash expensive clothings and I didn't wear them so often. But I find them too big in the modern days and I don't wear it for meet ups anymore. Last time, seniors like to advise us to buy bigger size clothing as we had scrawny frames and it helps to make us look bigger.

    Planet Hollywood was very hip then too but their designs were not as nice.

    I especially like the Smithsonian museums though I need to to rush through them. I did spend longer time in the national air and space museum. I bought a glow in the dark periodic table t shirt there. Very unique.

    Please excuse the yellowing of the t Shirt as I don't bear to wear it too often. The radioactive elements will grow in the dark. One of my most favourite t shirt.

    The fabulous National Air and Space Museum

    In Virginia, I think we went to a place to look at the mountains. Shenandoah national park. There was a souvenir shop selling stuff about civil war.

    At the Shenandoah national park. It was almost like a hit and go visit.

    I also went to a Luray Caverns to see the sharp stones growing down the ceiling, stalactite and up from the floor, stalagmite.

    A Luray Caverns postcard

    I got trouble sleeping and woke up early and went on a walking tour of my own to Georgetown Washington DC. My hotel mates were still sleeping. I believe the canal next to me was part of the Chesapeake canal.

    My aerial shot of Washington DC. Taken during my flight to Orlando.

    In Orlando, I visited Universal Studios, Disney World and Epcot Center. It was the happiest moments in my life to be there. I think disney world was probably having a 25 years anniversary and the castle was covered in a layer of candy decoration.

    Epcot Center wasn't that exciting though and I was dead tired by then. I fell asleep while riding through its a small small world

    Candy coated castle Oct 1996.

    A nice Kodak film shot of Pocahontas complete with armpit.

    I had a special deal in Universal studios as it was the Halloween season and by not exiting, I could stay on for the night session. I like Terminator 2 3D the ride the most. There were other rides like Kongfrontation, Jaws, Earthquake, Back to the Future were there too.

    Taken at Universal Studios.



    The Orlando t shirts weren't that nice I feel.

    I bought two bottles of coke with the Disney anniversary logo and a normal coke classic there as I didn't see any glass bottle coke in my country.

    Also a coke can with redskin football logo. But the can tab exploded on its own years later.

    The silly me bought three bottles of coke back home. The Disney one is supposed to be limited edition.

    The redskin coke can. The tab exploded open by itself after some years. I learned that the proper way to keep these is to puncture a hole in the bottom to let the contents drain out.

    My collection of shotglasses. I sold one labelled Amsterdam which I bought in Brussels. These attracted no buyers as I think they are fairly common. There was a period I need to downsize into a pigeon hole and was looking to sell off things in the house.

    My T2 terminator ride shot glass. I really like this show complete with real actors and even a motorcycle ride into the screen.

    I love the breakfast served in hotels too. The cereals, bacon eggs, juices and milk and the calming elevator kind of music.

    I had a bit of dispute there with my travelling mate as he refused to go to another theme park. We had a rental car and he was the driver. And he wanted to go to a discount outlet instead of a theme park. Hence I missed the star wars attraction. Was it at Magic Kingdom I think?

    I only have half a day in New York City as my buddy was afraid to stay in NYC and it was the day of departure for us to Kennedy airport. Due to our dispute we went separate ways. And he was not interested to visit Hard Rock Cafe. During that era, there was this craze of people buying expensive HRC t shirts.

    Actually I think I was influenced into buying HRC merchandise due to my boss. He likes to wear HRC t shirts on dress down Saturdays. Soon everyone who have the chance to go overseas would start to buy one to get into his books.

    So I walked down Manhattan, reached the gates of central park, saw horse carriage, bought my HRC t shirt. My HRC NY t shirt was a generic one as they did not have the big design option then, hence I got no nice photo to share.

    I also experienced the subway there. There were so many lines and looked confusing. I asked a man in business coat about directions. He was rather terse though.


    Streets of New York City

    Seeing billboards like this made my heart palpitate. I still do not know what was shown in such places. Never enter one before. In my country, such things would not happen. If it wasn't for the Internet, single men and boys here wouldn't know how a naked woman looks like. In pre Internet days, men like to smuggle back adult magazines when they went travelling. Even today, adult mediums are not allowed here. And local internet has filters to block the common people to access mainstream adult sites. The authorities don't actively police the possession of adult mediums. But usually if a perpetrator was investigated for some crimes and they found such things in his possession, he would be given additional charges.

    I think I stopped by Wendy's too and was surprised that I need to pay for condiments like ketchup. Then I went up the World Trade Centre. It was cold up there and the wind was strong. It was nice to see the sunset though.

    I took this shot up on WTC. Notice the nice long shadow of the twin towers across the city as the sun sets. It was very cold up there and my face was distorted in the few shots I had.

    The closest I could get to the statue of liberty. Taken from WTC. My last parting shot before I rushed back to Kennedy airport.

    I was really glad I got to see WTC. When 9/11 happened, I saw it live on CNN on my cable and I went cold and couldn't believe my eyes.

    I remember when I first stepped out to the open in US, I was shocked at the size of the cars there. They looked very big. Also I like the pleasant soothing chimes of door opening of cars. It was unique to US and our cars don't sound like that. Also I experienced my first shivering and chattering of teeth there in the open. It was autumn Oct I think.

    Some books I bought in US East.

    This is a long sharing. I had another visit to the west side of US. Maybe I will write in another post :smile:
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