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Can’t finish task

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It says make lady duff party at moes and I’m unable to start task. Any advice?


  • Try storing the Duff Brewery (since that would store Lady Duff/Duffman). Then plop it back down, and see if that got the gum out of the gears.
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  • bones2385
    3 posts New member
    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Maybe I don’t have lady duff...
  • Have you tried checking your Inventory? Skins are usually found in the far right of the Character category. Best of luck. @bones2385
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  • lox73
    22 posts Member
    edited April 11
    I have the same problem (posted in another thread). EA reIeased mexican duffman even for those who don’t have already lady duffman, but did not change the second quest, which is still requiring LD. Final result: we’re now stuck and there is no way to get out of this quest
  • bones2385
    3 posts New member
    Thank you so much. How do I get lady duff?
  • smharris129
    214 posts Member
    edited April 12
    Lady Duff could be available in your Year Book Mystery Box as part of the Mexican Duffman Bundle

  • Same problem!! Hoping EA re-release lady Duffman
  • I have the same issue. Lady Duff is not available in the store or Yearbook in my game. Nor it is in storage. I tried storing the brewery and then re-adding it. It didn’t work. I cannot complete this task without Lady Duff. I have contacted EA directly about it TWICE and they have been no help unfortunately.
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