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I am unable to buy land with cash. Help.

Does anyone know how to buy more land. I have so much cash and need to expand my town. Thanks!


  • Posted by @frosted1414 on February 28 2019.
    The golden goose realty building can produce land tokens, but it was only available for a limited time.
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  • Awesome spreadsheet!
  • They need to bring back the golden goose realty... I am desperate.
  • They did bring it back.
    Best case (realistic mindset) maybe Black Friday?
    Otherwise (optimistic worst case scenario) wait until next year.
    It might be re-released anytime and it is a heavily requested item, but the fact of the matter is it's hard to know when it will be re-released.
  • How would we know when they bring it back?
  • someonewashere
    1771 posts Member
    edited April 2020
    How would we know when they bring it back?

    No way of knowing until they do release it....
    Any and all returning items will usually be somewhat visible in the menu often as limited time, or returning with a time limit, often times amongst the first tabs you'll see when purchasing something.


    You'll just have to wait it out.
    This goes for anyone else who wants to ask, just wait, no telling when it will or if it will return, more than likely will return.

    The last time it was re-released was earlier this year, the first time it was released was last year, it's been offered twice now.

    It may be possible you'll have to wait until next year, it is a possibility.

    Any other info I can give is pure speculation.
  • It just makes absolutely no sense that you're basically stuck without any option of buying land!
  • rnico2012 wrote: »
    It just makes absolutely no sense that you're basically stuck without any option of buying land!

    Your only option at the moment is to redesign your town. Try to save space by removing some decorations, trees, parking lots, among others. Also you might place some buildings in Squidport.

  • Willy9292
    1905 posts Member
    If it does return, you will find threads here telling people it's back. Last time there were multiple threads and discussions on it being back. These were followed by multiple posts of people wanting it and asking why no one told them it was back.
    If it returns it will be in an event or something like Black Friday. Make sure you check here frequently when events start.
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  • and knowing is half the battle.....
  • rnico2012
    76 posts Member
    True! I saw it last time but thought 150 donuts was too much (and I still had around 10 lands available). Big mistake! But that building should be permanently in store. Especially if you don't have enough donuts when it IS available.
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