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Eternal D'oh nut spinning...

Hello, been a while, hope y'all are well! Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks in advance and stay safe!
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  • Yes, it's been like that for three days.

    Solved by installing TSTO on my Kindle Fire. (Well, not really, but at least I can play again.)
  • Tried to run it on NOX and it errors my log in :/
    “Well, I’m so moved I renounce science"
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling worked for me.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling worked for me.

    This worked for me as well but the game has been running really slow and sluggish the last few days
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  • Been stuck on the spinning donut of death screen since Fri eve. Only a lil over a day now but frustrating as I don't know how soon it'll be resolved. Afraid if I fall behind this week, I won't be able to catch up next week. Praying EA fixes server ASAP.
  • 11EEvey
    3420 posts Member
    @saved2600229 If you are not anonymous, you should try an uninstall, reboot device and reinstall.
  • leongeiser
    122 posts Member
    So, follow up... turned out to be operator error :neutral: I logged into EA site, it made me change my password over there, didn't know it also changed IG, logged in on phone using new password, Eeeeeee, now it works just fine B) Stay safe everyone!
    “Well, I’m so moved I renounce science"
  • OhHappyJays
    1674 posts Member
    Was stuck in spinning Donut purgatory, but uninstalling and reinstalling the app worked.

    Changed my password thinking that'd work; didn't really do so. I'll change my password back sometime tomorrow.
    Trying to control the horizontal & the vertical. Do not adjust your TV.
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