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Neighbors not working correctly

For some time visiting ACTIVE neighbors results in not being able to do anything for up to two weeks (there is no exact count on days, just some time within the two week thus far). But INACTIVE neighbors there is always something to do *everyday*.

I have confirmed this with other players also. All say they have the same issue since some time last November/December. And this is with both IOS and Android.

Uninstall/reinstall does nothing but waste time.

Support says to 'take to our forum so that programmers can see and fix this'.

This is looking like EA is intentionally driving people away so that this game can be discontinued. You would think that the programmers would have seen and fixed this by now - or is there no quality control in EA anymore?


  • Y a mí de repente me desaparecen todos los vecinos menos el que te da el juego, y a los dos o tres días me vuelven a aparecer y otra vez desaparecen, y no se a que se debe ni que hacer
  • Hello EA, anyone even monitoring this forum or is the 'bug' intentional to drive away users?

    This 'bug' is over a 1/2 year old now. This really looks like intent or incompetence, in either case is needs to be addressed. It is not limited to IOS or Android, both platforms have it, so it is either software or server side....
  • I doubt it's intentional. They do make a lot less money than in the past, so less resources are given to fix stuff. They do monitor the forums but do not reply to posts. Have you complained to them directly?
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