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Dr Bonebreak

Why are both of his visible tasks 4hrs? And for that matter why do some characters have close to 20 4hr tasks, with no regard to which are visible or higher paying.
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  • Deadshot_DCU
    6273 posts Moderator
    It’s a oversight. I’m sure one of those will be changed to a 1hr task with a future update.
  • KLmaker
    1435 posts Member
    I don't mind, it means I can spread them about town, rather than getting them out at one place and crash the game.
  • I thought this was my post from nearly 2 weeks ago bumped up. I'll answer your second question, there's a bunch of buildings which gives nearly every character in a category group (Adult and Youngster characters have the most 4 hour task from buildings) the same 4 hour tasks at the buildings.
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