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What have you done with Pride 2020 event stuff...

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Up and ready for your designs.
TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking


  • Castiel19x
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    Here's my design:
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • JJR2112
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  • My designs from the pride event. I was going to post these last week but I didn't have many pride crosswalks (though I had One Night Stan's for nearly 3 years now). I've redesigned my pride area at least 4 times since 2017 but this design I am happy with. I made a little pride park with the restrooms. I put Curl Up and Dye with the Gridiron since they both are the same size and kind of work together.
  • maceyabbie28
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    Add me^ I’m accepting everyone and play daily. I will also accept your request quickly!
  • smharris129
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    Unfortunately my version of 'One Night Stans' doesn't make colorful pride crosswalks or I would have some here.
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