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Pride 2020: Walkthrough

The Pride of Springfield

Auto starts

Kent Brockman: Kent Brockman here live from the Alternate Springfield Pride where Mayor Quimby will kick off a first-of-its-kind pride parade, that's not a parade at all. It’s a race!
Kent Brockman: Think track and field but with a very big twist, which is that all the contestants must be in drag. A drag race, so to speak. Where they came up with that we’ll never know!
Quimby: What a great turn out. I never knew there were so many of you proud people. Thank you again for being here, and I look forward to leaving.
Lisa: This is truly beautiful. The gentle simplicity of people loving who they want to love.
Homer: Aww honey, that’s too bad.
Lisa: Dad, you’re not even listening to me!
Homer: I meant too good.

Task: Make Lisa Judge Homer
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Homer Pretend to Celebrate Pride
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

Marge: Homer, I’m racing in the Pride Drag Race.
Homer: I say no, it’s way too dangerous.
Marge: I’m not asking you for permission, Homie. I’m telling you.
Homer: Boy! You sure are a ‘bossy moo cow’ now that you feel all GOOD about yourself.
Marge: Well I’m certainly not a cow. What cow would have this Glamazon suit? Remember it?
Homer: Ooh la la!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Head Over Heels Pt. 1

Auto starts

Lenny: I gotta admit, this race thingamajiggy has sure got everybody goosed up.
Carl: No kidding, Lard Lad is even giving a year's supply of donuts to whoever wins the race.
Homer: Whaaaa? Race?! What race?!
Lenny: How do they know what a year's supply is?
Carl: They say the winner will receive an endless amount of donuts for a whole year.
Homer: Wait a minute. Do they realize what they’re doing here? This is... I can’t… *gasping* This is… I... so giant... mammoth. I can’t even-
Carl: Homer, you okay there?
Lenny: I think he’s having a heart attack!
Carl: It was just too profound for that little brain of his.

Task: Collect Wigs [x105]
Task: Make Homer Recover From a Heart Attack
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield General Hospital or Brown House

Dr. Hibbert: Phew, you sure did give us a scare there, Homer. But just in the nick of time, your insurance approved coverage.
Homer: I’m alive?
Dr. Hibbert: *chuckles* Yes, you’re very much alive and most importantly, can pay.
Homer: Did I miss the race?
Dr. Hibbert: The race in celebration of the LGBTQ and sometimes Y community? No, that’s on Saturday. Sign up is today.
Homer: Today?! Sorry doc I gotta go. At some point in every man’s life he hears his calling. His endless, sugary, buttery calling.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Head Over Heels Pt. 2

Auto starts

Homer: Lisa give me some dirt.
Lisa: What are you talking about Dad?
Homer: Like the old James Dean movies, you know? Give me some dirt. Don’t be a chicken. Hit your lights!
Lisa: Have you been to Moe's? Oh my gosh! *gasp* It’s the Mysterious Waylon!
Mysterious Waylon: Well hello little girl!
Lisa: I should kiss your white-tipped French manicure for the great things you and all the girls have done for my mom!
Mysterious Waylon: You must mean Marge! Why look at you, the spitting image of her!
Lisa: Really?
Homer: I’m not seeing it.
Mysterious Waylon: And Homer! What a surprise to see you here.
Homer: Wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.
Lisa: Again, let me thank you for the inspiration, the revived inner woman that you’ve awakened in my mom.
Homer: Yeah, you did that. She’s meaner now, but there are some benefits that I can’t say in front of Lisa.

Task: Collect Wigs [x140]
Task: Make Homer Bet for Pink Slips
Time: 4h
Location: Town Hall or Brown House

Homer: Well it’s a drag race so how about we make a bet?
Lisa: Dad, it’s a celebration, not appropriate.
Mysterious Waylon: No, no, go on.
Homer: How about we race for pinks?
Mysterious Waylon: Pinks?
Homer: Pink slips!
Mysterious Waylon: How did you know the slip I'm wearing is pink?

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Head Over Heels Pt. 3

Auto starts

Homer: I’ll show that Mysterious whatever. I’ll win this thing and I know just the guy to help me do it. Bart!
Bart: What gives Homer? That’s the ‘I need something voice,’ so let me tell ya what...
Bart: Give me ten bucks now and it’ll give you a forty-five percent better chance of doing whatever lame thing you want me to do.
Homer: Deal.
Bart: Alrighty lay it on me.
Homer: Remember the sweet car we made together? Well... more you than me... okay, all you, but I watched?
Bart: Uhh, Homer. That was a soapbox car.
Homer: Yeah, the soap box derby one. We need it again but bigger so I can fit in it. Please Bart?! I need that car so that I can win that drag race. I won’t get into all of it but it’s donut-related.
Bart: Got it. But Dad, hello, soap box cars don’t have an engine.
Homer: What in the? What?

Task: Collect Wigs [x175]
Task: Make Bart Explain Combustion Engines to Homer
Time: 12h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Homer Have a Panic Attack
Time: 12h
Location: Simpson House

Homer: Alright so we need an engine. Done and done my boy, this old car of ours has one.
Bart: Yeah, uh, hate to tell you Homie but that ain’t gonna cut it.
Homer: Hold on, not so fast, this car could be a fine-tuned piece of automotive geniusness if left in the hands of the right people. That’s not us, Bart.
Bart: Hold on, I have an idea. What if I go around and “borrow” a few items from some people I know around town? Skinner and others, more “Skinner” than “others”.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Head Over Heels Pt. 4

Auto starts

Lisa: Dad! What did you do to the car?
Homer: And you probably thought your dad would never amount to anything.
Lisa: It looks insane! And what is it for?
Homer: The drag race! And this little honey will beat any car out there.
Lisa: Dad this is not a drag race that involves a car. It’s a drag race, where a man puts on a dress and makeup, then runs with his own legs in heels...
Lisa: Why this is happening, I have no idea. But it is what it is, you know?
Homer: What?! I bet the car on me using my legs? Oh no! Marge is gonna-
Marge: You did what?! Homer of all the dummy things you’ve ever done. This is the absolute, most, dummy- Well, probably not actually but it’s really, very, very dumb.

Task: Collect Wigs [x210]
Task: Make Marge Get Dolled Up for the Race
Time: 1h
Location: Curl Up and Dye or Brown House
Task: Make Homer Give Marge a Footrub
Time: 1h
Location: Curl Up and Dye or Brown House

Mysterious Waylon: Marge, girl, you get over here, queen! And where’s that blob-in-a-dress husband of yours? I’m looking forward to leaving her makeup imprinted in the dirt.
Glamazon Marge: Well that’s the thing, uh, Homer didn't understand that this was a race which would require him to actually use his own body because that would be impossible.
Glamazon Marge: He thought a pink slip was the title to his car like in the old racing movies. And so I wanted to ask you if there’s any way you would consider not taking our car if you win?
Mysterious Waylon: Honey, I didn’t hear a word you said. The race is starting, girl!
Kent Brockman: And they’re off, tucked, and out the gate. These dazzling ladies have inspired me to say, for the first time, a resounding, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas Queen!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Head Over Heels Pt. 5

Auto starts

Kent Brockman: A blur of sequins and boas, these dames are both agile and fast. But not all, Marge Simpson seems to be floundering, pulling up the rear.
Kent Brockman: Barbara Streisman is pulling out to take the lead. Oh! Sideshow Melanie has blown a heel and tossed a wig.
Kent Brockman: But what’s this?! The Mysterious Waylon is pulling out to take the lead. The Mysterious Waylon has won the race!
Glamazon Marge: *out of breath* Aw, I tried Homie but these girls are way better at navigating heels than I am.
Homer: Honey, it’s okay. We don’t need a car that much.
Glamazon Marge: The silver lining may be a lot more walking in our future and that’s good exercise!
Homer: Now I want the car.
Mysterious Waylon: Of course you do! Perhaps you might check yourself before you wreck yourself next time!
Homer: Okay.
Mysterious Waylon: However, because I do like my Marge, I am willing to consider letting you off the hook. IF you would do some work in the club.
Mysterious Waylon: And of course, since this would be in the club you would need to be in full drag, makeup, wig, six-inch pumps.
Homer: Okay. How hard can it be to walk in six-inch heels anyway?

Task: Collect Wigs [x210]
Task: Make Homer Get His Heels
Time: 4h
Location: Simpsons House or Brown House
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

If the Shoe Fits

Auto starts

Mysterious Waylon: Look at you! Sashay, sashay! Now what do you say?
Pride Homer: Balançoire, balançoire!
Mysterious Waylon: Good Homer, that’s an improvement on the French.
Pride Homer: You know you’ve really made me see something I’ve never seen before.
Mysterious Waylon: And what’s that?
Pride Homer: That I’m somebody too.
Mysterious Waylon: Ha ha, almost. And here’s an almost compliment. There’s a slight chance that you could even look good in a year or so.
Pride Homer: Thank you Mysterious whoever you are, you have made me better than I would have ever expected.
Mysterious Waylon: That’s the spirit! I’m going to share one of my free donuts with you Homer...
Mysterious Waylon: Walk over here now as that most fierce queen you have finally learned to be and get it girl!
Pride Homer: Woo hoo!

Task: Make Homer "Get It"
Time: 4h
Location: Draggle Rock or Brown House

Mysterious Waylon: You’ve really come far on this journey and I’m proud of you Homer.
Pride Homer: I’m fabulous. *belch* I must have these heels!
Mysterious Waylon: As long as you think of me when you wear them, they’re yours.
Pride Homer: Girl, who else would I think of? *belch* Too much rainbow beer I guess.

Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP
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