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Trouble Loading Game

Recently I have trouble loading the game, upon startup in wants me to put in my age and accept the terms and conditions, it then wants to download an additional 901MB, if I accept it starts downloading but has put me down to Level 1 (I'm currently on Level 120), so I click sign out. I go to sign in, sometimes it won't accept my details, sometimes it will but the only way I can play the game is to download the entire game, which is something huge if I do that, something like 1700MB. I do have something on my computer called Bluestacks which allows me to play mobile games on my computer, I can access the game no trouble using this and it then as soon as I load it up on my phone it wants to download the whole thing, anyone any ideas?


  • Could be a space issue on your device. Make 4-6 gig free space uninstall clear cache and do fresh install.
    If you have an IOS device, it may try to clear off anything it thinks you don't need even though you do. Read this thread
  • I'm using Android, a phone which I have only had for 6 months so hasn't yet got loads of apps on, I have about 40GB of free storage, tapped our says it's using 390MB of internal storage. The option to clear cache for this app is grayed out but I can clear the data, would that help or would it be better to reinstall the entire game?
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    I also have plenty of space on my device and it has twice insisted on an addition dl of 1712mb since my other response to you. It does load fine afterward and was good for a couple days then did it again.
    I am going to try a uninstall reinstall if it does it again.
    Make sure you have your login details and get your mayhem ID and keep it somewhere safe in case.
    Let me know how it goes
  • I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, upon loading the game I put in my age and accept the terms and conditions, then it asks me do I want to download 1800MB of game data, but this comes up before I log in, so I'm not hopeful that the problem has been fixed. It would seem that uninstalling the game isn't enough as files are clearly being left behind. And if it keeps downloading this 1800MB every time I play I don't know where this is being stored, surely if it has been downloaded once everything the game needs should be there?
    But I'll persist with it and will update this post with anything new.
  • Back to square one, after reinstalling the game and trying to load it the next day I have the same issue.
  • Anyone have anything to add as I can't seem to fix this?
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