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14 posts Member
Add me: anccaa

I’m a daily player and I visit neighbours every day. I’m on level 107. I add everyone back :)

Comment your nickname and make new friends :)


  • evanicole
    2 posts New member
  • clorette09
    1 posts New member
  • woodt3. daily player level 100!
  • Brush123456
    1 posts New member
  • missnoname82
    5 posts New member

    Level 131 - feel free to add me :)
  • kcrob42225
    8 posts New member
    Daily active users, add me.

  • kcrob42225
    8 posts New member
    Add me
  • kel220986
    2 posts New member
    kel220986 i play everyday and will add all back!
  • ErbaYoo
    8 posts New member
    Please add me, i'll add u back. I'm Turcoemanu00
  • Eve356
    34 posts Member
    Add Eve356 you won't regret it ;)

    Visit my neighborhood in this schedules so you find a lot of money to tap on:

    6-8 am
    1-3 PM
    6-8 pm
    After midnight

    Why do you say this "add back" thing??
    Isn't like, "enough" with one if us adding???
  • xoelite4ox
    3 posts New member
    Add me!

    On daily! Level 95!
  • JoshC17
    4 posts New member

    Level 939.
    Daily player and always visit other friends!
  • Feverstrike
    11 posts New member
    Feverstrike add me :)
  • Eve356
    34 posts Member
    Add me: Eve356
    Daily visitor ♡
    I try to have several piles of money all day long so you have a lot of places to tap on ☆
    See you at my Springfield ☆_☆
  • Bomb319
    117 posts Member
    I've been playing since 2012, have been level 939 for years, and always tap my neighbors' properties daily or very close to it. I've got a full sized complex city with many subtle references to various episodes of the show, so it might be fun for you guys to explore that : D I also keep many rapidly renewing buildings to tap near the spawn point so as not to send everyone to the far corners of the city just to find three places to tap...

    I will accept your friend request no matter your level, as long as you PLEASE remain active at the very least once per week. If you're idle longer than that, I'm sorry but I'll have to remove you since I almost always have a waiting list. Have fun all, and don't hesitate to send me a message if you ever need any help, tips or tricks with this game!!

    Username: Bomb319
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