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No sound

The music and sound fx are gone after the june update I did a hard reboot and checked all my sounds are turned up on game and devices also uninstalled and reinstalled no luck on android devices


  • Your not the only one there’s been several threads on this. I don’t know what you can do to fix. There might be a patch hopefully soon
  • benttiger
    1 posts New member
    I have no sound either since the June update. Waiting patiently for a patch.
  • the1monk
    4 posts New member
    The SOLUTION is to uninstall the Google play store version of the game, Download the Amazon App Store to your device and get the game reinstalled via Amazon.
    I can CONFIRM 100% this works. The lack of sound in tapped out was driving my wife absolutely bonkers! With the above fix I have restored balance to the universe and once again enjoy the ageless adage "happy wife....happy life!"
    Cheers all! ... and SOLADUDE you are a HERO!!!!
  • 8utch
    2 posts New member
    sound is back
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