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Correzione bug - bug fix

Da più di una settimana i personaggi non riescono più ad uscire da un lavoro giornaliero. Quando clicco per risquotere, risquoto soldi ed esperienza ma i personaggi rimangono bloccati nell’azione e... visto che sono tutti li, non posso più giocare. Come risolvo il problema?
For more than a week the characters have been unable to get out of a daily job. When I click to pay back, I pay back money and experience but the characters get stuck in the action and ... since they're all there, I can't play anymore. How do I solve the problem?


  • Muhsterino
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    Store the building, go to friends screen and back to your town, replace the building.
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    You don’t have to Post in Italian as well as English just English will do. If you struggle with English use google translate or a translation website/app of your choice.

    Hope you stick around in the forum.
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