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Monorail bug help please

I'm level 95 on springfields I'm on iphone 7, I have the dump where I can send perssonage, and I can make plans only when the dump is full I have no waste disposal center or project committee or even monorail station I have no mission related to the monorail I'm completely blocked at the monorail I tried to replace the dump nothing.
Thank you


  • tstonumberonefan
    171 posts Member
    edited June 17
    Hello and welcome to the forum

    Just a quick note please don’t post the same thread not long after your first one. You’ve got 2 people helping you. So please look to it. They are saying contact ea

    Oh hope you stick around on the forum
  • No I won't stay on the forum, because I was asking for help but then I was sent to ea help I already spent 10 hours talking to people who don't understand anything impossible to talk to competent people.
  • Yeah on here we can only help so much we say go to ea to help with things we can’t help. There are some useless people at ea but keep pestering them to help you don’t let them tell you to post here just say to them that you are being messed around by them. Don’t let this experience deter you from the forum it’s a good place and you’ll get to know some good people who can help it’s just on this occasion we can’t help you I’m sorry.
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