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Beating the Wimbleblues...

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Felt inspired during this one-of-a-kind Middle Sunday...



  • Muhsterino
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    Nice design! I posted one last year ......
    Seeing the green tennis courts available again in store makes me think of one thing - Wimbledon. I decided to have a go at designing my take on the famous SW19 venue, so I spent many enjoyable hours yesterday designing, which included finding aerial photos online on which to base my design. There are a total of 18 tournament grass courts, including centre and number 1 court - I used two stadia as these two main courts.
    Henman Hill (or Murray Mound if you prefer!) is to the left of the front entrance. :)
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  • MAH1N
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    Haha great minds think alike! I too used 18 courts (inc. the stadia) for my Wimbledon. The Duff Centre Arena is my Centre Court and the Championship Arena is Court 1. The Homertron is an awesome screen for my Henman Hill. Tbh I prefer your hill since mine features some mysteriously parked cars (hope no one noticed!) from the overlook. And great use of the stadium pieces! Wish I had stockpiled some more.

    Would love for EA to bring back some more tennis/stadium themed goodies (as well as raising the item limit ofc!)
  • KLmaker
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    Muhsterino wrote: »
    Henman Hill (or Murray Mound if you prefer!) is to the left of the front entrance. :)

    I'm waiting for someone with a surname beginning with T, then they could call it, T????? Tor.
    Tor is so old a term for hill, I think a lot of people think it only applies to the Glastonbury Tor.

    Nice pics, now I have ideas for my Stadiums and Tennis Courts which I didn't think of before, (which is strange), though I haven't got enough for Wimbledon.

    The number of times I've seen Wimbledon on TV and I didn't even think about it; and yet I've seen far less Victorian Walled Gardens anywhere, but I have about 50 walls and made and enlarged one garden already and another four are work in progress.

    Very strange that I never thought of Wimbledon before, very strange indeed.
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