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Update to Moderation on EA Forums

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edited July 2020
Our goal at EA is to provide a safe and fair environment for all players, in all places, including our forums and Answers HQ. We recently announced our Positive Play Charter, a set of guidelines to help shape our communities in a positive way. Over the last few weeks, we looked at the way we moderate our forum spaces and we saw a few places where we can do better.

Our forums are designed to create a conversation between you, our players, and us, where we can celebrate, commiserate, critique, and come together over our favorite games and franchises. While the rules are not changing, our new moderation methods will be more strict, but also more fair. If you play by our rules, you won’t see any changes to the way you use our forums. If someone breaks the rules, we’ll give out different levels of sanctions, like strikes, up to and including being removed from the forums permanently. This will be based on how many times they break them, and to what degree.

We believe that our communities should be safe, fun, inclusive environments free of threats, harassment, and other toxic behavior. We won’t tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, harassment, or any form of abuse. Our new moderation policy and processes will help bring our forum spaces closer to this goal. Together, we can build better, healthier communities both in and out of our games.

Want to brush up on the rules? You can check them out here.

We look forward to seeing your next safe, fair, and fun post on our forums soon.
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