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Job Manager - Unemployment Office Request - Updated Request 7/30

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Back in September 2015 when the unemployment office was given the "Job Manager" ability to assign all the residents of Springfield to a specific timed task, there was an unused icon in the code that showed EA was thinking of assigning a "visual task" option. Here is the icon.
I ask EA to please reconsider this option and implement it into the game. I am sure it will give a certain level of revitalization to Tapped Out that would be greatly appreciate by the players and maybe add new ones. The animated tasks add enjoyment to the game, make it so.

Update: In addition to this request about animated tasks being assigned from the unemployment office, it would be nice to tap a building and assigned a character to a task there so you can see the buildings animation. Pretty please with sugar on top.
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  • Makes sense, since the work was already done for those animations. No point in have all those characters hiding inside the brown house when they could be doing something outside for the same amount of time.
  • wadebear
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    Rather than have them spend their time on this I'd much rather see the ability to decide for yourself what the default task is for each character for each time segment. Just send the character on that task manually and it becomes the default task. And if it's with an alternate skin then the character changes to that skin.
    Then we both get what we want.
  • I send many of my characters on the 3, 6, 16 and 20 hour tasks because those happen to have the best animations for those characters and those aren’t in the unemployment office at all.

    Also many characters have a premium task -say for 24 hours- but the unemployment office decides those aren’t the default.

    I like the @wadebear suggestion!
  • Yeah they need to fix it I get tired of sitting there for 15 mins sending all 240 characters manually because it whont send them on the premium task
  • empathy77
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    I am bringing this back up. I just sent the characters on their 8 hour tasks and I really wish there was a way to set everyone up on Visible tasks. The animations are one of if not the best feature of this game. Either that or a default task that can be selected for each character that was mentioned in this thread by @wadebear
  • KLmaker
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    ^ ^ ^ This. ^ ^ ^
    If I select 4hr, they all go for playing blackjack, which is incredibly annoying, and not only because some have higher rate jobs that don't get selected.
  • empathy77
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    bumping with an update
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