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Game of Games The Sequel: Premium Walkthrough

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 1

Strawberry starts

Strawberry: Oooh! SwapBay has the bayonet accessory I’m missing for my ultra-rare Viet Cong Malibu Stacy prototype!
Strawberry: Three-hundred dollars is a lot for a three-centimeter piece of plastic, but a small price to pay to help Malibu Stacy fight the forces of oppressive colonial capitalism!
Milo: Uh, babe, you might want to hold off on that. Coolsville Comics might go bankrupt.
Strawberry: What?! How?
Milo: The shop’s been in a bit of a slump since everyone buys online now. I ordered too many copies of Ultimate New Rebirth Crisis Five, and it bombed.
Milo: I couldn’t help myself – the first four sold so well!
Strawberry: Don’t worry, babe – if more bodies in the store is what we need, I got just the plan: Bikini Day!

Task: Make Strawberry Organize Bikini Day at Coolsville Comics
Time: 4h
Location: Coolsville or Brown House

Femme Fatale: Look, I’m happy to show up in a bikini for your promotion, but this guy is blocking the door!
Comic Book Guy: I thought the point of this promotion was a discount if one showed up wearing a bikini.
Comic Book Guy: Besides, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to wear my Space Slave Princess bikini cosplay!
Squeaky Voice Teen: My eyes!

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 2

Strawberry starts

Strawberry: Okay, that didn’t go so hot – actually, it was decidedly un-hot! But I’ve started a new business venture I think will be a hit…
Strawberry: An online dating service for pop culture aficionados! Want to give it a shot?
Femme Fatale: Hey, you're paying, right? I'll try whatever you want.
Femme Fatale: This one sounds promising: “Robust business owner and raconteur seeks daring fangirl.” He's awfully dashing…

Task: Make Strawberry Run an Online Dating Service
Time: 2h
Location: Coolsville or Brown House
If the user has Femme Fatale: Task: Make Femme Fatale Go On Blind Date
Time: 2h
Location: Coolsville or Brown House

Femme Fatale: Gimme a break – you don’t look anything like your profile pic!
Comic Book Guy: Please! That photo is obviously Rainier Wolfcastle in the camp sci-fi classic, “Master of Space”! I use it to screen out the posers. I’m afraid you don’t make the cut.
Femme Fatale: I don’t make the cut?! How about I cut YOU!
Strawberry: Uh, please remember our terms and conditions have a clear no-violence policy!

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 3

Strawberry starts

Strawberry: Ugh, none of my business ideas have worked. Coolsville Comics is doomed!
Smithers: Did I hear you say you’re in need of a new money-making venture? I have just the thing!
Smithers: You can sell these Pyramid Inc. products to friends and family. Guaranteed financial success!
Strawberry: That would be great, but now I don’t have any money to get started.
Smithers: Well, if you had something you could put up as collateral. Perhaps something rare…and collectible.
Strawberry: Oh! I know – my Malibu Stacy collection!
Smithers: Does it happen to feature the ultra-rare People's Liberation Armed Forces of South Vietnam Malibu Stacy prototype?
Strawberry: Mint condition!
Smithers: Excellent!

Task: Make Strawberry Pitch Multi-Level Marketing
Time: 8h

Agnes: What is this cheap junk?! It turned my hair purple – well, even more purple!
Bandito: I used this on my laundry, and it ruined my good sombrero!
Strawberry: People, people! It’s not about the product, it’s about recruiting your own salespeople.
Barney: You mean like a pyramid scheme?
Strawberry: No, no, it’s not a pyramid scheme! If you’ll just look at this diagram–
Comic Book Guy: The one literally in the shape of a pyramid?
Strawberry: What? Oh…rats.

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 4

Strawberry starts

Milo: Hey babe, what’s wrong?
Strawberry: I was trying to make extra money to help the shop out. I became a Pyramid Inc. saleswoman, but everyone got angry with me because it was just a pyramid scheme!
Milo: Aw, that’s not so bad.
Strawberry: But to get started, I had to put up my Malibu Stacy collection as collateral – now I’m going to lose it all!
Milo: Oh no! That’s terrible!
Strawberry: It’s okay. I’m just going to play with them one last time.
Milo: Wow, you even took Banjo-Playing Mountain Folk Stacy out of her package!

Task: Make Strawberry Play With Her Malibu Stacy Collection
Time: 4h
Location: Coolsville or Brown House
Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Malibu Scheme House Pt. 5

Strawberry starts

Smithers: Time to pay up! What’s that? You don’t have the money?
Strawberry: No…no, I don’t.
Strawberry: Who knew it would be so hard to get friends and family to buy bulk products that they can have delivered cheaply from their local grocery store as needed?
Smithers: Indeed. Well, time to pay the piper and hand over your collection!
Comic Book Guy: Not so fast, my mysteriously mustachioed friend!
Strawberry: What are you doing here now?
Comic Book Guy: Oh, not much, just reminding your supposed benefactor that you are in fact protected – BY THE LAW!

If the user has Comic Book Guy: Task: Make Comic Book Guy Lay Down the Law
Time: 1h
Location: Coolsville or Brown House
Task: Make Strawberry Be Impressed by the Law
Time: 1h
Location: Coolsville or Brown House

Comic Book Guy: As you can see, I successfully lobbied Mayor Quimby to pass the Springfield Nerd Protection Act!
Comic Book Guy: We cannot be pressured nor swindled out of our precious collections by angry mothers, jealous friends, or pyramid schemers.
Smithers: Wow, that’s really specific.
Strawberry: I’m glad I don’t have to give him my collection, but Coolsville is still going out of business unless I do something.
Smithers: Now I feel guilty for trying to swindle you out of your Malibu Stacy collection. By the way, it’s really me, Smithers.
Strawberry: Yeah, we know.
Smithers: Oh. Well, how about this: Would you be willing to timeshare your Viet Cong Malibu Stacy with me – for a hefty fee, of course!
Milo: Wow! That would really bail us out! What do you say, babe?
Strawberry: Viva la revolución!

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

Woeful Weasel Pt. 1

Wall E. Weasel starts

Squeaky Voice Attendant: Hey Wall E., one of the kids puked in the ball pit and I need you to clean it out.
Wall E. Weasel: Ugghh…c’mon there are like eight million balls in there. Is anybody really gonna notice a little vomit?
Squeaky Voice Attendant: Yep. Someone also stuffed pizza cheese inside the coin slots of Super Slugfest, so afterwards I’ll need you to see to that.
Wall E. Weasel: Seriously? Even after corporate declined the work order request for that screwdriver?!
Squeaky Voice Attendant: You’ll have to use your car keys.
Wall E. Weasel: I don’t have a car!

Task: Make Wall E. Weasel Clean the Restaurant
Time: 2h
Location: Wall E. Weasel's or Brown House
If the user has Squeaky Voice Teen: Task: Make Squeaky Voice Teen Oversee the Cleanup
Time: 2h
Location: Wall E. Weasel's, Vesuvius Pizza, Zesty's Pizza or Brown House

Wall E. Weasel: *scraping cheese with his belt buckle* Ugh, how did my life get to such a low point?
Squeaky Voice Attendant: Corporate policy explicitly forbids any depressing inner monologues from taking place at work. Wait until you get home for that.
Wall E. Weasel: How are you my boss anyways? I’m twice your age!
Squeaky Voice Attendant: If you start applying yourself, then someday maybe you can be where I am.
Squeaky Voice Attendant: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go order more pepperoni.

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Woeful Weasel Pt. 2

Wall E. Weasel starts

Wall E. Weasel: *sigh* What a day. I don’t know if I can face those little demons again tomorrow.
Wall E. Weasel: And this headache from listening to that incessant whining all day... I need some relief!
Wall E. Weasel: Time for a little me-time. Should I sit in total silence in my storage locker for four hours, or just two?

Task: Make Wall E. Weasel Sit in Total Silence In His Storage Locker
Time: 4h
Location: Broken Dreams Storage Lockers or Brown House

Gil: *knocks on vertical rolling door* Hi neighbor. I live in the next storage locker over and thought I’d introduce myself. Name’s Gil.
Gil: Boy howdee, you sure look like you’ve been through the wringer, and believe me I know what that looks like! Say, you want to grab a drink at my place?
Wall E. Weasel: You live here too? I thought I was the only person living inside Broken Dreams Storage Lockers.
Gil: Oh, no. All these units have tenants. In fact, there’s some stiff competition to get in here. I had to put up a kidney as collateral!
Gil: So anyway, here’s my unit. Oh, I promised you a drink, didn’t I? Here you go, one of Gil’s finest brews.
Wall E. Weasel: What is this? I thought we were drinking beer.
Gil: Beer? Whoa, we got a high roller over here. No sir, that there is freshly brewed rainwater.

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Woeful Weasel Pt. 3

Wall E. Weasel starts

Wall E. Weasel: Wow. After meeting you I realize I could have it a whole lot worse. And I wear a weasel costume for a living.
Gil: Ol’ Gil doesn’t have it too bad. Just gotta get my door working again so I can keep the cold night out when I’m sleeping. Then things’ll be looking up!
Wall E. Weasel: Well, since we’re neighbors and all, I might be able to give you a hand if you want.
Gil: Gee, you mean that Mister? That sure would be great. Especially since all the bubbles already popped on my bubble wrap blanket.
Wall E. Weasel: Um, sure. And maybe we can get you an actual heat lamp instead of that jar of fireflies.
Gil: Whoa, you’re talking about some serious upgrades! We better meet with my other neighbor. He’s a whiz with that technical stuff.

Task: Make Wall E. Weasel Meet Gil’s Other Neighbor
Time: 1h
Location: Broken Dreams Storage Lockers or Brown House

Sideshow Bob: Hello, Gil. How nice to see you this evening. And who is your new acquaintance?
Gil: This here is Wall E. Weasel. He lives in the next unit over. He offered to help me fix my place up.
Gil: But we sure could use your help with some of the technical doodads. We just don’t have your smarts.
Sideshow Bob: You know how to strike at the heart of me, Gil. Very well, if you need my superior intellect to help adorn your establishment with some class, then I suppose I could be of some assistance. Come.
Sideshow Bob: *walks into rake*
Sideshow Bob: *groans* We’ll start by cleaning up these rakes.

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Woeful Weasel Pt. 4

Wall E. Weasel starts

Sideshow Bob: Blast these infernal rakes! Why must they envelop my entire existence?!
Wall E. Weasel: You uh…you okay, Bob?
Sideshow Bob: I simply cannot catch a break. If I let my guard down for just a second, the universe seems to capitalize on my momentary distraction by placing a rake at my feet.
Wall E. Weasel: Look, that sounds pretty weird, but I think I know what you mean.
Wall E. Weasel: I used to think I was the unluckiest guy in this entire town. But today I saw something. Something horrifying. Something that changed me forever.
Sideshow Bob: And what, pray tell, was this?

Task: Make Wall E. Weasel Show Sideshow Bob the Inside of Gil's Unit
Time: 1h
Location: Broken Dreams Storage Lockers or Brown House

Sideshow Bob: Dear God, what is this abomination?
Gil: Ah, are you two checking out Gil’s sweet bachelor pad? Yep, this is where the magic happens.
Gil: And by magic, of course I mean Solitaire. I've almost got a fifty-two card deck to work with!
Sideshow Bob: Thank you, Gil. And Wall E, I see now that no matter how dire my circumstances, I’ll never truly hit rock bottom like our friend Gil here.
Sideshow Bob: Now, just because you live in a cage doesn’t mean you have to live like an animal. Let’s turn this wretched hellhole into something dashing!

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Woeful Weasel Pt. 5

Wall E. Weasel starts

Wall E. Weasel: It took all night, but I think we finally made this unit presentable!
Gil: Yeah! Putting that water filter under my rain gutter is really going to make a difference. Ol’ Gil’s not getting lead poisoning tonight!
Sideshow Bob: Yes, and using those rakes to rake up those other rakes was a stroke of genius. I must say, Wall E., you are shrewder than you appear.
Wall E. Weasel: You know what? You’re right! I have a great job, I have a great personality, and I have a lot to offer this world!
Sideshow Bob: Well, let’s not go overboard.
Wall E. Weasel: Starting tomorrow, I’m going to show everyone the new me!

Task: Make Wall E. Weasel March Into Work With Confidence
Time: 1h
Location: Wall E. Weasel's or Brown House

Wall E. Weasel: Just remember, Wall E., that no matter what lies on the other side of this door, you can handle it.
Wall E. Weasel: *deep sigh* You can do this. You can do this!
Wall E. Weasel: Heya kids! Wall E.’s here and he’s ready to play! Who wants a piggyback ride on the Weasel?
Squeaky Voice Attendant: Wall E., rats got into the milkshake machine again. I need you to strain the rat hair out of the vat. *hands Wall E. a scooper*
Wall E. Weasel: Oh well, my good attitude lasted about three minutes. A new personal record!

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

Do the Math Pt. 1

Cosine Tangent starts

Database: Ah, man. I can’t believe we lost that math competition.
Lisa: It’s okay, guys. We’ll get ‘em next time.
Cosine Tangent: Yes, but from a pragmatic perspective we should identify the weakest link and excise it.
Report Card: *gasp*
Cosine Tangent: And Database…you missed the final question that cost us the game. How could you have confused Fermat’s Last Theorem with his FIRST theorem?
Database: Seventeenth century French mathematics is my weakness! You know that.
Cosine Tangent: You’re off your game, and it’s gonna cost us that regional trophy that is built out of golden Mersenne prime numbers.
Database: Again with the seventeenth century French mathematics!

Task: Make Cosine Vote On Kicking Out Database
Time: 30m
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House
Task: Make Lisa Vote On Kicking Out Database
Time: 30m
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House
If the user has Database: Task: Make Database Vote On Kicking Himself Out
Time: 30m
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House
If the user has Report Card: Task: Make Report Card Vote On Kicking Out Database
Time: 30m
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House

Lisa: Are we really doing this? Database is the President of the group. We can’t just kick him out.
Report Card: It’s more of an impeachment.
Lisa: Right, and that always goes so well...

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Do the Math Pt. 2

Cosine Tangent starts

Report Card: It looks like the vote is tied. What do we do now?
Lisa: Well, in keeping with procedure, the Vice President would cast the deciding vote.
Cosine Tangent: As Vice President, I hereby vote to remove Database from the group!
Database: But…you already voted! You can’t vote twice.
Cosine Tangent: Given that he’s a non-member, I motion to have Database’s comments stricken from the record.
Lisa: Ahh…I agree with Database, but decorum must be followed. The motion passes.
Report Card: The motion passes! Let it be added to the record.
Database: *gasp* You’ll regret this, Cosine.

Task: Make Cosine Search For a New Member
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House
Task: Make Lisa Search For a New Member
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House
If the user has Report Card: Task: Make Report Card Search For a New Member
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House
Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Do the Math Pt. 3

Cosine Tangent starts

Cosine Tangent: Cosmos, I believe the time is right for you to rejoin our ranks.
Bart: *graffitiing the swing set* Don’t call me Cosmos.
Lisa: Bart, we really need you. Sure, math may not be your strong suit, but what you lack in actual mathematical skill you make up for in…
Bart: In what?
Lisa: Gimme a minute, I didn’t practice this.
Bart: C’mon, guys. I’m not the best mathlete around here.
Cosine Tangent: You’re not? Then who is?
Bart: Uh…that guy.
Nelson: *beating up Wendell* You plus me makes two of us who knew this beating was coming.
Cosine Tangent: His addition skills are indeed on point.

Task: Make Cosine Try to Convince Nelson to Join
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House
If the user has Nelson: Task: Make Nelson Reject Cosine's Offer
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House

Wendell Borton: Thank you for redirecting his ire.
Report Card: Are you okay, Wendell? He did hit you in the stomach pretty hard. You look a bit…
Wendell Borton: Please don’t say it.
Report Card: …queasy?
Wendell Borton: *throws up*

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Do the Math Pt. 4

Nelson starts

Nelson: I wouldn't join your lame group in a million years.
Cosine Tangent: Mr. Muntz, I believe you are overlooking one very important thing.
Nelson: Oh yeah? And what’s that? *pulls back fist for a punch*
Cosine Tangent: Girls dig nerds.
Nelson: *slowly relaxes fist* They do?
Lisa: Uh…yeeaaahhh. Totally. All my friends are like “I can’t wait to find a hunk who can…solve the Poincaré Conjecture.”
Cosine Tangent: But Lisa, it was already solved in 2003.
Lisa: *whispering* Just go with it.
Nelson: That must be what I’ve been missing all this time. Alright nerds, I’m in.

Task: Make Cosine Teach Nelson Quadratic Equations to Get Girls
Time: 2h
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House
Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Do the Math Pt. 5

Nelson starts

Nelson: What the crap. You nerds lied to me! Chicks don’t dig nerds, they dig geeks!
Cosine Tangent: Huh? What’s the difference?
Nelson: Well apparently only geeks know the difference.
Lisa: I wish you all would stop stereotyping so much, it really depends on the – oh no, he’s winding up his fist for a patented Nelson Wham Bam Thank You Slam!
Report Card: Run!
Report Card: He's coming after us! Oh wait, he's already winded.
Nelson: I can’t...I’m no match for their delicate legs. Nerds!
Cosine Tangent: Yeah, and don’t you forget it! The…leg part, not the nerd part.

Task: Make Cosine Try Not to Be a Nerd Anymore
Time: 4h

Lisa: Oh hey, Cosine. What uh…what are you doing there?
Cosine Tangent: *strutting weirdly* Ah, Lisa. Perhaps you don’t recognize me. For I am no longer a nerd to be picked on. I am now a geek.
Lisa: You’re still gonna get picked on.
Cosine Tangent: What? No!
Database: Hey, guys. I heard your search for a new member didn’t go so hot. Well…guess whose got two thumbs and is still the best mathlete around?
Lisa: Please don’t.
Database: *sticking thumbs into his chest* This guy!
Lisa: You did.

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

Palm Springfield Resort Gil Deal

Gil starts

Gil: Ah, there's nothing like a day by the pool here at Palm Springfield Resort.
Gil: Sipping a drink, taking in the sun, checking out the ladies who are checking out Ol’ Gil.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sir, you have to rent a room in order to use the pool. How did you even get past security?
Gil: *sigh* If only someone I knew owned this place. I could get in free and catch some rays whenever I wanted. *walks away*
Squeaky Voice Teen: I'm gonna need you to leave the pool noodle.
Gil: Say, friend...if you could purchase the Palm Springfield Resort, you'd let me swim here, wouldn't ya?

On offer accepted:
Gil: Wow, I knew you wouldn't let Ol' Gil down! Now if you could just stand back a bit...
Gil: Cannonball!

On offer declined:
Gil: *sigh* I guess I could go to the public pool. Maybe they cleaned it since… the incident.

Pain in the Jass Pt. 1

Hugh Jass starts

Squeaky Voice Teen: Welcome to Palm Springfield Resort, sir. Do you have a reservation?
Hugh Jass: Yes. It should be under Jass, first name Hugh.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Indeed, I have your reservation right here. Are you here on business or for pleasure, sir?
Hugh Jass: Oh, well...I’m afraid things aren’t going too well with the wife. Lara kicked me out.
Squeaky Voice Teen: So…pleasure?
Hugh Jass: That's fine.

Task: Make Hugh Jass Check Into His Room
Time: 30m
Location: Palm Springfield Resort

Squeaky Voice Teen: And here is your room key, Mr. Jass.
Hugh Jass: Great, thanks.
Squeaky Voice Teen: If you wouldn’t mind, please go to our website and fill out this survey on how well I served you today.
Squeaky Voice Teen: It shouldn’t take more than five minutes, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free drink at the bar, and anything below a score of ten means I lose my job.

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Pain in the Jass Pt. 2

Hugh Jass starts

Hugh Jass: *making a phone call*
Phone: *goes to voicemail* Hi, you’ve reached the Jasses. I’m Lara, and I’m Hugh!
Phone: We can’t come to the phone right now but if you just leave a message after the beep we’ll get back to you! *beep*
Hugh Jass: Lara, it’s me. Listen babe, I was a huge jerk. I’m sorry. I never should have said that about your mother. Let me come home and we can work this out.
Phone: *beep*
Hugh Jass: *sigh* Life is usually more funny than this.

Task: Make Hugh Jass Take a Contemplative Dip
Time: 1h
Location: Palm Springfield Resort

Hugh Jass: *walks into the hotel bar*
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sir, please don’t sit on the chairs without drying off first.
Hugh Jass: You work in the bar, too? You know how to mix a decent drink, kid?
Squeaky Voice Teen: As long as the ingredients are in the name.
Hugh Jass: Great. I’ll have a screwdriver.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Uh…how about a swizzle stick?

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Pain in the Jass Pt. 3

Hugh Jass starts

Hugh Jass: No offense, but this drink you mixed just isn’t hitting the spot.
Hugh Jass: You know, I’ll be honest, nothing has really satisfied me ever since…
Hugh Jass: *a single tear falls* Since that first Flaming Moe I drank.
Squeaky Voice Teen: ...
Squeaky Voice Teen: According to my bartender’s handbook, I’m supposed to say, “Go to her, Hugh.”
Hugh Jass: You’re right. Thank you for that heartfelt suggestion. *runs out the door*

Task: Make Hugh Jass Go to Moe’s for a Flaming Moe
Time: 2h
Location: Moe's Tavern

Hugh Jass: Proprietor, I would like a Flaming Moe.
Moe: Sorry, we don’t serve those no more. They came between me and my best friend, and the health department threatened to shut us down, so I made a vow to never again–
Hugh Jass: I’ll pay five hundred dollars.
Moe: You want a little umbrella in it?

Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Pain in the Jass Pt. 4

Hugh Jass starts

Hugh Jass: And so then...then I said “Stop leering at her, sir. That’s my WIFE!” And then I…I socked him in the nose, with my hands. These hands here.
Barney: Hahaha, oh man that’s a great story. *belch*
Hugh Jass: Moe, gimme another Flaming You. Extra flamey, sir.
Moe: Alright, Hugh. You’ve had three already. And…I’m kicking myself as I say this, considering how much you’re paying for these, but I think you’ve had enough.
Moe: How’s about I call you a cab?
Hugh Jass: I said good day, sir!
Moe: What?
Hugh Jass: Listen here you… Either you gimme my wife back or you gimme another of them Flaming Moes. Your call, bucko.

Task: Make Hugh Jass Have One Too Many Flaming Moes
Time: 4h
Location: Moe's Tavern
Quest rewards: $100 and 10 XP

Pain in the Jass Pt. 5

Hugh Jass starts

Hugh Jass: *slowly opens his eyes*
Hugh Jass: Where…where am I?
Barney: You’re in the hospital.
Hugh Jass: The hospital? How did I get here?
Barney: You had one too many Flaming Moe’s, you went up on the roof, danced around, and fell off. We’ve all been there. *belch*
Hugh Jass: And…you saved me?
Barney: No, you landed on me and broke a few of my bones. I'm checked into the room next door.
Hugh Jass: Oh, sorry.
Dr. Hibbert: Mr. Jass? There’s someone here to see you.
Hugh Jass: *gasp* Lara?

Task: Make Hugh Jass Reconcile With His Wife
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield General Hospital or Brown House

Hugh Jass: I have to tell you…you really helped me out. You were the glue that held me together. I haven’t had a friend like that in a long time.
Squeaky Voice Teen: It’s the least I could do…is what the bartender’s handbook says I should say.

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP
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