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Reinstall after every reboot - Android

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About a month ago I started to have an issue after every phone restart (Samsung A51). When I open the game it downloads "updates", even when there are any available in the play store and then it also download more 1.4 GB of data.
I have already tried to uninstall and reinstalling the game and I have nearly 100 GB available in my device.

This problem seems to have started after I tried to use the city photo feature in app, because I get an issue massage after the town image is generated and it can never be saved to my device (remember I do have a lot of free memory space).

The strangest thing I noticed is that the resolution of the game keeps changing after every reinstall.

Has anyone faced similar issues? I have researched similar issues in 'bugs and issues' session but nothing like this.

Thank you.


  • MarmitexCo
    3 posts New member
    Here's screenshot examples from resolution differences between reinstalls
  • MarmitexCo
    3 posts New member


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