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Stuck people

Most of my people are stuck in the drive in movie with the semi truck...start the game..tap on it..they exit..then return back...reloaded game several times...everytime though..I have to change my password to get bac in the game.


  • store the building they are stuck in, go to friends and back. Put the building back.
    Make sure your password is 8-16 digits long with no special characters.
  • That did it...thanks for you help
  • All my characters were stuck in store buying milk for 2 weeks. I wasn't able to play at all. I missed out on SEVERAL chores for Homer, Quinn, Several others. And I uninstalled game 5xs to no availe I still had same problem..I left a bad review because EA APPARENTLY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT US ANYMORE...ONLY NEWBEES WHO WILL SPEND THEIR $$$...
  • So you let the problem persist for 2 weeks and left a bad review before looking here or Googling it.
    Did you just comment on here without reading the solution too?
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