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Land, design

i use the grind design where u put buildings randomly, no roads and thats how u can put all of ur items u have. i finally made a normal city design but i still have so much stuff to put.. should i give up and nuke again and make the grind design or i shouldnt give up and continue using city design which i like? i just need more lands or some tips from you guys


  • JJR2112
    401 posts Member
    You just need to do what you find most enjoyable. I'm only interested in design myself and there wouldn't be much point in continuing for me if I could only do the "grind" thing. Just take your time and have fun with it. It is a bit easier if you have all your buildings out in a corner somewhere rather than searching through inventory for everything.
  • wadebear
    3530 posts Member
    I use the logical payout design. All buildings with the same payout time (1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, etc) are laid out along a street or streets. Then I arrange those buildings humorously. I also decorate humorously: Chalmers _onda is parked outside a bunch of suspicious buildings.
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