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KL & inactive neighbors



  • bren1960
    1631 posts
    edited August 2013
    All 100 friends won't have 3 tickets to collect any time soon.
  • MacJiggles
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    edited August 2013
    I have some neighbours who have hardly even started squidport yet! I am more interested in what level they are on. I recently culled 9 neighbours, all of which date back to my first batch in june, and yet are still on level 10 or less. I had even helpfully saved a batch of moonshine for one of them for nearly a week!

    I would love to increase the number of forum regs in my neighbourhood ..... I only have 3 or four so far :D

    I will be watching for neighbours who have not even started kl in a couple of weeks.... especially since you dont even need to build up huge cash reserves to start it! I cant believe anyone is not stoked by this update...... I am already working out how I plan to expand my krustyland and am hoping for item-art friendly decor :lol:

    Dont get me wrong... if a neighbors town has a lot of personality... then I will keep them around much longer despite their inactivity... Personality goes a long way...

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