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Milhouse Balloon Archway Issue

I just unlocked the Milhouse Balloon Archway. I then placed it in front of the Van Houten house and as I moved away to another area I got the Bart screen. Once I got back into the game the Archway was nowhere to be found, either on the map or in my inventory and I’ve logged in and out and synced a few times to see if this corrects it but the Archway is still missing. Anyone else having this problem? If I’m not the only one then hopefully there’ll be a patch to rectify it.


  • jaythecanadian
    637 posts Member
    edited August 2020
    That happened to me too. Go to the quest box....it would revert back to showing the characters completing their 4 hour quest. Just have to collect again and then you would be able to place the archway.
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  • I did not have that issue. Also got the air castle and... looks weird.

    Anyway, too many things for my not too big Van Houten garden, so I will keep those till next event.
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