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What books are you reading?



  • johncolombo
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    currently reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
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  • I’ve been diving into the works of a philosopher by the name of Alan Watts. His son put together a podcast of over 100 hours of his recordings and there are a few books I think I’m gonna be ordering off of Amazon. la1u2xd4qvyr.jpeg
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  • Been reading the Dune books. I'm in the middle of the 5th book. Heretics of Dune these books are really good. Anybody that doesn't know anything about DUNE should pick up and at least read the first book. Frank did 6 books, the other books after that I am not exactly interested in. Although there is a Navigator book I may take a look at. I think his son or someone in his family did the other books after 6.
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  • johncolombo
    11677 posts Senior Moderator
    I just finished the only one left (great read) by Riley Sager and Abandon by Blake Crouch (not too bad but I like Blake Crouch). I'm currently trying to read Don't fear the reaper by Stephen Ghaman Jones but have been too busy to get into yet.
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