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Friend Action Points

Do friend points go down when you get quite a few friends or do they just drop the closer you get to the next friend level?. I was getting 5 pts an action, now im only receiving 1 POINT PER ACTION GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ARRRRGGGG


  • Does anyone no that can leave me a comment.. would greatly appreciate the advice
  • TGoat2212
    3 posts New member
    I found out that it resets to 10 per action. Not sure if its everyday or 12 hours or 24 hours. But it does reset at 10, then 5 ,4,2 and finally 1 before it restarts
  • Hypnotoadsupreme . I'm level 55, hourly player. I'm clearing my friends list due to inactivity. Only players who intend to log in daily & visit other towns. 😘😘
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