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I've lost a bookmark to a glitch thread, anyone help???

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Don't ask me how, but somehow I lost a thread.
Duh, *rolls eyes*, I know.
I cannot remember what section it was in, but I think it was Discussion.

But it went something like, "What's Your Glitch", and I cannot find it anywear.

I tried a search but the most recent was 2018 and they just got older.
Some more recent search results were not even about The Simpsons.
I probably went passed the thread in all the page scrolling.

Anyone help, thanks.


  • Why not explain your glitch you have or what the glitch was that thread was on about and someone might help you find it
  • KLmaker
    1435 posts Member
    The thread was something like "What's your glitch".
    And it was about glitches, not the normal ones we all talk about, the abnormal, freaky, different or even funny ones.
    Now why didn't I post that???
  • As far as I know there isn't any 'working' glitches at all.....they always end up being patched
    ~Always be Designing~
    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
  • Umm, not necessarily, I'm sure I had Buck Mitchell sitting in the centrifugal pod without the boom from GoG The Sequel.
    Unfortunately was not able to get a photo of it.
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