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The logistics of Tapped Out

According to the image above... apple users alone paid around 400k in the month of Sept. on The Simpsons Tapped Out.

It has an amazing rank within the Apple store. The five star rating far supersede any other rating.a7ofluftprop.jpg

Within the galaxy users this game sits around the 20's for top casual game.

So I'm just going to say that I am pumped for this game. I think the game is headed in the right direction at this point. EA is listening to their player base. Idk what witchcraft the simpsons are doing but I feel majorly drawn lol. Looking forward to Thanksgiving! How about you?

Share your thoughts on how you think the game is doing. This thread is not a one-sided discussion. Share how you feel with the standing of the game. But from statistics alone... the game is still doing well for EA.

Their is approximately 20k galaxy gamers in the simpsons tapped out.



  • Sadly they don’t seem to want to invest in the game, it’s all just been regurgitated garbage events for years.
  • Is this a recent thing or have these earning been stable for a while? Because I'm optimistic that someday we will return to the tradition event format with craft and creatures you get to tap around your towns.
  • Damn them stats are crazy... Good for the game though... They might keep the game going longer if they’re making that kind of money!
    Username: KidHawley
  • This was stats I gathered last night. So it is as current as last night @Joemarksch294
  • roman65 wrote: »
    Sadly they don’t seem to want to invest in the game, it’s all just been regurgitated garbage events for years.

    We had one whirlwind year (2016 or 2017?) with back-to-back differing events which actually had me wondering if I could continue to keep up with the game. Then - boom - the events slowed and all became the current format. I don’t know what personnel/policy changes EA was going through but TSTO was certainly affected.

    I agree EA seems to be listening more to us, the players, so I am hopeful future events will use again fun features of past events. Games within games as in the Casino event, movie clips as in the Wild West event, riddles as in Stonecutters and crafting. Just don’t bring back that stupid Wheel of Fortune :D
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