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Three Heads, No Brains Quest

In the prize box for this year’s Halloween mystery box, I won the monster the Bully Vern. The character’s quest asks me to capture it. I’ve tapped it, read its instruction to have certain setting for it to complete it jobs, but nothing happens. So how do I catch it to complete this quest?


  • Okay, this has been a tough one to research. Apparently you need:
    A. Wizard Bart
    B. Wizard Lisa
    C. Wizard Martin
    D. Angelica Button
    E. The Great Raymondo?
    F. Wizard Unicorn?
    I'm not sure about the last 2. I only vaguely remember that event, but I do remember it was complicated and confusing.
  • Dandy! Nice to know what can interact with Bully-Vern!

    Only problem now is what do you do if you don’t have any of the interactable characters? I don’t as I’m behind and it’s kind of frustrating having a character that does nothing.
  • Wait until you get a character that CAN interact with him?
    Both Wizard Martin and Angelica Button are available in the Yearbook. Just keep refreshing until they cycle around and have 150 donuts ready to spend (because you never get what you want on the first try...)
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