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Treehouse of Horror XXXI: Stairway to Hell Walkthrough

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Stairway to Hell Pt. 1

Auto starts

Bart: Hi, Mom, I'm home! I got straight A's again.
Marge: I'm so proud of my little hellion! Say, where's Lisa?
Bart: She got detention — for like eternity.
Marge: What?! Why?
Bart: I don't know. I wasn't really listening. That's why I got the A+ in Not Really Listening.
Marge: Homer! Get in here!
Homer: Not now! The sports team from our town is playing the sports team from another town and I'm cheering them on for geographic reasons.

Task: Collect Forbidden Donuts [x175]
If the user has Marge: Task: Make Marge Pressure Homer Into Rescuing Lisa
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Homer Pretend Not to Hear Marge
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Bart Catch Up With Milhouse
Time: 4h
Location: Van Houten Hoouse or Simpson Houes

Marge: Stop pretending you can't hear me, I unplugged the TV!
Homer: Theater of the mind, Marge! Theater of the mind.
Marge: When he was in kindergarten and Bart glued his teacher to the chalkboard, we agreed that I would handle all of his school discipline problems and you would handle Lisa's.
Marge: Well your time has come. You need to get our daughter back!
Homer: I hate deals that come back to bite me in the ****.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Stairway to Hell Pt. 2

Auto starts

Homer: How does a church-doin' guy like me get to Hell?
Marge: You've missed "doin'" church every Sunday this year.
Homer: Church of the mind, Marge. Church of the mind.
Kent Brockman: This is Kent Brockman interrupting your lives with another convenient newsflash!
Kent Brockman: Inexplicably, the former home known as the Murder House has mysteriously reappeared in Springfield.
Kent Brockman: Explore more of the mysteries of hidden Springfield tonight on Channel 6 News at 7! Because we have nothing else.
Homer: That's how I'll get to Hell! Spooky house back from the dead where people were murdered! It's gotta be a portal to Hell!
Marge: Homer, be careful. I don't know why, but murder houses give me a creepy feeling.

Task: Collect Forbidden Donuts [x125]
Task: Make Homer Accidentally Destroy the Murder House Again
Time: 2h
Location: Murder House, Homes or Brown House

Homer: Uh, I guess you're not a portal to Hell after all.
Murder House: *Murder House rebuilds itself*
Homer: That's cool. Too cool to get me to Hell School. I'm out of here!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Stairway to Hell Pt. 3

Auto starts

Ned: Why so glum, chum?
Homer: Stupid Christian Flanders, you're no help! I need a way to get to Hell to rescue Lisa from eternal detention.
Ned: Is that all? Why, there's a Stairway to Heck behind the church!
Homer: What?
Ned: I use it to scare kids straight on Halloween.

Task: Collect Forbidden Donuts [x150]
Task: Make Homer Take the Stairway to Hell
Time: 3h
Location: Stairway to Hell , Hellscape or Brown House

Homer: So this is Hell, huh? Smokier than I expected.
Demon Moe: There's no air quality regulations down here. Just pure freedom, baby! *cough-cough* Ugh, gotta love it!
Homer: Demon Moe, serve me up a Flaming Moe!
Demon Moe: Comin' right up! Fire and brimstone on the rim!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Stairway to Hell Pt. 4

Auto starts

Homer: Oh man, the drinks here sure beat the surface world junk!
Old Scratch: Glad to see you're liking the place.
Homer: What's not to like? Sure, it's a little hot but it's a dry heat. And best of all: no Flanders!
Homer: Uh, just one problem…I can't stay. I need to save Lisa from eternal detention and bring her back home. Little advice: don't have kids.
Old Scratch: I'm afraid her going home is a problem. Y'see, I got a deal goin' with Lisa, for her soul and Bart's.
Homer: Care to make a new deal like Franklin Roosevelt over there?
Franklin D. Roosevelt: How did I deserve Hell? Eleanor musta talked about my behavior.

Task: Collect Forbidden Donuts [x150]
Task: Make Homer Make a Deal With Old Scratch
Time: 1h
Location: Stairway to Hell , Hellscape or Brown House
If the user has Old Scratch: Task: Make Old Scratch Try to Explain the Deal to Homer
Time: 2h
Location: Stairway to Hell , Hellscape or Brown House

Homer: So Lisa gets straight A's and she and Bart are home-free!
Old Scratch: No! If she gets GOOD grades, then you all stay in Hell! If she gets BAD grades, you all get to go home!
Homer: I still don't get it.
Old Scratch: Ugh! And I thought getting into fiddle contests with Charlie Daniels was a pain.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Stairway to Hell Pt. 5

Auto starts

Hell Teacher: All right, Lisafer. Time for your torture demonstration.
Lisafer: Ha! I'll easily fail this one. No demon is going to flinch at my lame tickle torture.
Hell Teacher: Oh, you won't be torturing one of our demons! It seems we have a new volunteer.
Lisafer: What? Who?
Homer: Hi, honey! I'm here to help you get an A! Or an F. I can't remember.

Task: Collect Forbidden Donuts [x125]
If the user has Lisafer: Task: Make Lisafer Torture Homer
Time: 4h
Location: Torture Stand
Requires: Homer
If the user doesn't have Lisafer: Task: Make Homer Get Tickle Tortured
Time: 8h
Location: Torture Stand, Hellementary School, Hellport Pentagram, Hellscape or Brown House

Homer: Hee-hee-hee… I think I tore my tickle muscle!
Hell Teacher: Good job, Lisa!
Lisafer: I hope you mean "good job" doing a bad job.
Hell Teacher: A+!
Homer: Way to go, sweetie!
Lisafer: *groan*

Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP
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