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Mystery Box Tokens Carryover

I'm curious if the Golden Mystery Box Tokens can be saved and carried over to a future event without having to convert them to donuts? I have a considerable overflow of tokens and plenty of donuts through KEM farming, so there's no real incentive to convert them. It would be awesome if they carryover.


  • My understanding is that they can't be carried over, but it would be awesome if there was something else we can do with them other than converting to donuts, like gifting them to a friend, that would be awesome!
  • If it was any other event then no they won't carry over but since its Black Friday then I'm not sure since the Gold Mystery Box and tokens have been used for the last 4 Black Fridays including the current one.
  • Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if they differentiate, they're definitely the same token type for the golden mystery boxes for the varying events, but yes, they were from this year's Black Friday. That's also why I raise the question since they had to be purchased with real-world currency, rather than donuts, it would be nice if they didn't expire with this singular event.
  • EA, when you get a chance can you delete this thread, no longer relevant, thanks!
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