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Best chars for $farming

Is there any list of chars with the best multiplier for $farming ?
I havent found one Oo

Thx in advance.


  • Like how Sherri and Terri make more by mocking others than hiking up a mountain
  • Farm with houses, not characters. Build a bunch of Blue Houses and you'll soon have more money than you know what to do with. I'm running 4 towns and I built house farms early on. All but my latest game that I started just a few months ago have BILLIONS of cash to spare.
  • Pay donuts for characters and they earn an extra 50% ( or more ) compared to free characters unlocked through quests or as event prizes.
    Adding 20 premium characters will earn at least as much as 30 regular characters would.
    All character jobs for cash get the bonus paid on their earnings too, but the bonus doesn't apply to event currency or things like monorail or springfield heights jobs even though premium characters do earn a bit extra still for those if they are included for the task.
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