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Is there a problem with the game server or Origin?

Because I can't stay in the game for more than a few seconds at a time. I've even switched to my secondary backup network (husband's phone data).
I started all 4 games and did Sideshow You, then broke all the characters off task with the Office of Employment... Boom. Kicked out of all 4 one after another. Now I can't even get into just one game.
Or is this something to do with all the stuff I've been buying? I got everything in the 3 cheap Mystery Boxes, dumping everything I could directly into storage, but a bunch of stuff insisted on starting quests even if it was stored.
I can't even stay in one game for more time than it takes to tap a few things, then when I manage to re-open the game I have to repeat what I just did!


  • I can’t even log in.
  • 3rd time today I have to dawnload an 1.2GB update. And every time it kicks me out after a minute or so...🤔
  • Both my games seem fine. Just tried em now
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  • Well it seems to have cleared up for me. I was finally able to continue collecting and reassign characters, etc.
    You probably need to open up some free storage on your device. You have to have several more megabytes of storage free as swap space in addition to the space the game files take up. That's where your town is built - when you're scrolling through your town you're actually looking at a graphically rendered area of storage.
    Additionally, the game menus are stored there. They're built as you play, according to which characters and buildings you own.
    You might also check and make sure file offloading isn't turned on in your device settings. Just learned about that one this week...
  • Since the Halloween event ended, I'm back to Bart Screen crashes about every 10 minutes, while trying to rebuild my town. Since it takes about 2 full minutes to reload, it's very frustrating.
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  • It was absolutely awful last night, better today.
  • I’m getting login errors. I can login here fine, so it’s not a password error on my part, but it’s turkey day weekend, and everyone is probably off, so I’ll just try again tomorrow.
  • I have been getting Bart screens and the app force closing for quite a while, not just in Blargsgiving but Halloween as well, and it has been much much worse than normal because of these two events.

    I normally get Barted and crashes any way because the iPad's owner likes to keep a number of games on it that have grown, including this one to be fair.
    I have deleted some games that were no longer being played, I delete the web history as well, swipe up the cache and now and again do a hard close on the device, which all helps.

    I now get Bart even before the splash screen, then 17 seconds, try again or swipe up and reload app and hope that it loa... nope, Bart again.
    It can take anywhere from first time up to about half a dozen.

    I have had the app crash, then it signs me out and I have to enter my age and sign T&C's, again, then it says there is a, "Login error".
    If I enter my age again, I just get the "Login error" again.

    I have found that regardless whether I get the Login screen or the Error screen, I should do nothing other than a hard close and leave it off for at least 5 minutes.
    When I turn it back on and open the app, it tends to go straight in, it's like I was not even logged out, no Bart's, no Login, no Error, no problems, until the next time.

    And it has been like this since Halloween, back to back Barting.
  • Same for me but this issue has been going on for years. Sometimes I connect without issue but on average I can play for 30 minutes before I see a Bart screen. It’s so frustrating, especially for me since I really like designing my town. It seems like the bigger your town the worse it gets. I think EA just isn’t concerned with updating their servers to accommodate long time players.
  • Had it again last night.
    I had been getting Bart screens last night before the big one hit.

    Collecting tax and then it closed the app, reloaded the app, asked to input my age again and so on.

    I cannot remember if I closed it and swiped up out of habit or just hard closed it without a second thought, but I left it off for at least 10 minutes.

    Turned it back on, loaded TSTO, no problems, it exited when I rushed the OE but that's normal, reloaded, I do not recall a Bart screen for the rest of the night.

    The ipad does not like online shopping either and may be running software that disagrees somewhat; but it was fine before Halloween, and if previous events are anything to go by, it will be fine when events have finished as well.
  • Has anyone gotten a answer from EA. I cannot login at all to play my game and before when I attempted to by donuts it gave me an error and said I already purchased the item.
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